The Apology Song is the second and fifteenth song from The Book of Life (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). One is sung by La Santa Cecilia and the other by Diego Luna. I am sorry, Toro I am sorry. Toro, I am humble, for tonight I understand. Your royal blood was never meant to decorate this sand. You've suffered great injustice, so have thousands before. The Apology Song Lyrics - The Book of Life Soundtrack download, The Apology Song Lyrics - The Book of Life Soundtrack موسيقى, The Apology Song Lyrics.

Lagu The Book Of Life Apology Song

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Gustavo Santaolalla. Music Videos. The Book of Life - The Apology Song Lyrics. 44, views. The Apology Song Diego Luna Gustavo Santaolalla Legendado. The Book of Life (OST) The Apology Song lyrics: Toro, I am humble / For tonight I understand, / Your royal blood was nev. The Book of Life (OST) The Apology Song (Extended Version) lyrics: Toro, I am humble / For tonight I understand, / Your royal blood was nev.

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The Book of Life (OST) - The Apology Song

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Download Lagu The Book of Life - The Apology Song [English] Mp3

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