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Looking for GMAT books to study with? We list the very best GMAT prep books, with the pros and cons of each, to help you find the right one for. List of Top 10 Best GMAT Prep Books. Here we provide you with details of best GMAT Test Prep Books & a sneak peek in what those books propose. GMAT Official Guide Bundle: Books + Online. GMAT Official Guide Book + Online (Official Guide for GMAT Review) · New Releases in GMAT Test.

A useful complement to the GMAC questions, but the review materials aren't as detailed as those of the Manhattan Prep.

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Best of the Best. Manhattan Prep.

Top 10 Best GMAT Prep Books

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Top GMAT Quantitative (Maths) Books

Stay updated. Over , candidates take the GMAT exam each year to gain admission to a graduate business program. At BestReviews, we want to simplify shopping for you.

Reasons to take the GMAT. The GMAT is valued by business schools. Your GMAT score is highly weighted in your application to a graduate business school. The GMAT assesses your readiness for business management. A good GMAT score helps your application stand out. Format of the GMAT exam. Verbal reasoning. Integrated reasoning. Quantitative reasoning.

Three best GMAT prep books

Additionally, Killoran does an excellent job in explaining the different kinds of critical thinking questions while also providing highly specific tools and tips that can be utilized to answer each question type.

This book provides students with a high quality introduction to the world of the GMAT. The book provides students with insightful, realistic advice on a wide range of topics. In addition to providing students with sample questions, the book includes advice regarding how to prepare for the test in terms of brain food and study tips. The book also provides students with highly specific advice regarding how to address every type of question. Also, the study guide features six adaptive practice exams that the student can access online.

This study guide provides students with the information necessary to help them attain an exceptional score on the quantitative component of the GMAT. The book is designed to assist individuals who have already scored above the 70th percentile on this component of the exam.

The book also offers students tactics and strategies that enable them to master the more challenging components of the test.

Best GMAT Books | 2019 – 2020

Because this book includes an accessible style, an online question bank, and highly specific explanations, it is considered one of the best guides to reference for the purpose of optimizing your score. As the most comprehensive guide to the math section of the GMAT, this testing booklet provides students with thorough coverage of all the different types of math problems that can appear on the exam.

The book features over practice problems and more than useful math exercises.

Additionally, the book includes several tips and strategies that students can utilize to solve various kinds of questions. The material in the booklet provides students with detailed, concise, clear explanations of what they can expect on the actual GMAT exam. Individuals who are willing to invest time in using the booklet will likely find that they earn a competitive score on the test.

The guide offers straightforward, solid information and advice regarding how people can master each component of the Verbal element of the exam. The book offers students multiple practice questions, a reading comprehension section, and a grammar guide. This is the ideal book to reference for individuals who wish to max out on the verbal section of the GMAT. The book features 85 mini-drills as well as problems. Will you succeed in GMAT?

You bet.

This book is a gem because it only includes things that are of utmost importance and discard all the fluff. It also goes on analysing the GMAT tests section by section. As a result, you would be able to quickly understand what to read, how to approach GMAT, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Along with that you will also get practice questions where you can implement whatever you learned. Plus, you will receive video tutorials which will guide you step by step. Looking for a go-to guide that will help you see the big picture of GMAT?

This is the book you should pick. Stop right here. If you have no idea about GMAT and how to take the test, this is the first book you should read. And this book is relatively short, just of pages. But remember, if you have already taken the test and want to sit for GMAT to improve your score, this book may not help you as much. Starting your preparation with GMAT will help you gain clarity about the test and will make you ready for the test. Along with test takers, it will also help professionals who have been training students for GMAT preparation.

By Brandon Wu and Laura Pepper.

Ready to enroll in biz school? These test prep books can make it a reality

Yes, the material presented in this book will deliver, but you should remember one thing — 30 days are too less time to prepare if you want to score well. Our recommendation is take more time than 30 days and use the strategies mentioned in this book to make a plan.

However, along with this book if you read a text book, you will surely pass the exam in flying colours.

And it is also a perfect guide for people who have little or no time for preparation. The idea is to take good enough time, read a text book thoroughly, and use this strategy guide to understand how to prepare.

But this book will get you covered. This book will not only teach you GMAT words for GMAT success; it will also enable you to understand the coherent meaning so that you can easily remember. If you download this book, you will be able to download the first CD of the whole 22 CD program.

Quantitative questions are easy to answer if you practice regularly since mathematics entirely depends upon understanding the logic. But verbal ability is all about remembering the right words to be able to clear the sections.Brandon Royal.

The Reading Comprehension Bible includes sample passages, questions, and analyses of each question type, along with drills of particular skills. The GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible will help you break down each kind of reading comprehension passage into its relevant components and evaluate it efficiently and effectively in order to find the information you need.

The book also includes five full-length GMAT practice tests, two in print and three online, and access to additional online practice materials. Kaplan GMAT Premier with 6 Practice Tests This great testing book enables students to familiarize themselves with the structure and mechanisms of the exam and provides students with several techniques and tips they can utilize to master specific problems.

Cons: The Sentence Correction section is a little bit weaker, only containing 5 pages plus a grammar section in the back.