TobiraGateway to Advanced JapaneseLearning Through Content and Multimedia. Tobira would be an excellent backbone textbook for a serious third-year college- level course in Japanese. The authors expect the students to. Tobira - Gateway to advanced Japanese - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Japense study book for intermetiate to advanced students.

Tobira Gateway To Advanced Japanese Ebook

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Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning Through Content and Multimedia (Japanese) unknown Edition by unknown () [aa] on site. com. This is a review of Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning through Content and Multimedia by Mayumi Oka, Michio Tsutsui, Junko. Download PDF Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning Through Content and.

Tobira introduces grammar and kanji via short expository articles typically two pages in length that focus on particular aspects of Japanese culture and society i. Surprisingly, these were very interesting and informative articles. I would say that these articles are akin to brochure-type articles designed by travel agencies or culture centers looking to promote Japan to foreigners.

In any case, I didn't find myself lulled to sleep. Kanji: - As far as kanji goes, Tobira users are "assumed to have learned the kanji introduced in most major beginning level Japanese textbooks" the Tobira website has these kanji listed.

Prior to your course's start, I would recommend looking over this list to assure that these kanji are familiar because there tends to be little conformity in terms of introducing kanji among the popular beginner texts. In total, Tobira covers new kanji based on JLPT level 2 kanji with 35 kanji introduced in each chapter, and this number is subdivided into kanji that a student must learn to read and write RW Kanji and those that one need only know how to read.

In practice, though, a bunch of kanji that do not necessarily require your attention are interspersed so you can learn these at your own discretion which you should.

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Beginners may find it jarring that the textbook makes no effort to formally teach kanji so know that you will have to develop your own kanji learning method at this level a kanji dictionary should always be nearby. Grammar: - Grammar points are given brief explanations at the end of each chapter. The explanations will indicate a sentence within the article that utilizes that particular grammar point and also include a few independent examples of that grammar being used.

Overall, grammar points are explained in a very clear and concise manner. Conversational Japanese: - Each article is followed by a dialogue section that teaches conversational Japanese.

Beginning and intermediate textbooks are prone to teaching stuffy and largely impractical conversational Japanese, but Tobira really hits the nail on teaching the type of Japanese that one can use in everyday conversations I took this course in Kyoto and found the content very applicable.

Mind you, you will still be a far cry from the vernacular of Japanese youths, but at least you have a few informal options. Multimedia: - Tobira sells itself as a multimedia textbook and mostly lives up to this claim.


While the multimedia aspect is not technologically groundbreaking, it is useful and handy. Students wishing to practice conversations, for example, can speak with virtual partners on the Tobira website pre-recorded dialogue conversations with actual people.

The Tobira website also has audio books of each article available for download as well as recordings of the dialogues. It is always useful to hear something read by a fluent Japanese speaker so these recordings were very handy. Also, there are even some miscellaneous culture videos related to each chapter.

Overall: - Tobira lives up to its name as the "gateway to advanced Japanese. Tobira does not coddle the student like most beginning textbooks, but instead gives the student a taste of what advanced Japanese might look like.

Tobira: Gateway To Advanced Japanese Learning Through Content And Multimedia (Japanese)

Comprehension Questions Test your understanding of the dialogues and reading passages here. But it is hard to think about the best way to translate some of the harder, very Japanese language-specific structures.

These are a nice touch, with interesting points on nuance or further cultural knowledge. The language notes are particularly important because you want to use this book to transition to a more advanced level right?

In this day and age, this is pretty appropriate. So this is where the Tobira website comes in. The site makes for an interesting and useful companion, but I question how they will go about updating everything when a new version of the book comes out.

In Conclusion: -engaging content with lots of cultural information -self-learner friendly -lots of resources available on the Tobira website -pretty decent grammar explanations that can be supplemented with a grammar dictionary if you want and lots of sample sentences CONS: -err…in AIATIJ they would point out when new grammar points were being introduced in the reading passages.

Otherwise, just download one and use a grammar dictionary PDFs floating around on the net too.

Learning is pretty individual after all so the choice is yours! Edit: A reader has drawn my attention to the fact that not paying for language resources hurts their creators, and by extension, the language learning community.

I acknowledge that this is true, and am embarrassed that I did not think of this at time of writing.Students, after several years of study, naturally want to begin using the language to pursue their individual interests.

See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Tobira website also has audio books of each article available for download as well as recordings of the dialogues.

Unfortunately, students of Japanese, unlike students of commonly studied "Western" languages, are not quite at that point yet; frustration is not unusual. Next, students can use Language Partner Online software to practice interactive dialogues that correspond to many of the Tobira chapters. Thumbs up from me!

Tobira - Gateway to advanced Japanese

The text assumes the student knows about kanji to start with they are listed on the Tobira website , and introduces around 35 new ones per chapter for a total of about additional kanji. Upcoming SlideShare. However, within the period of just a few short years, these same students are able to interact with their Japanese friends, take lectures in Japanese and even find employment in major Japanese corporations.

These are by no means as numerous or as well-developed as those that are available for more-commonly taught languages; perhaps they are best seen as suggestive of what is possible given, I'd assume, more funding for this worthy cause!