was a little afraid. So, when he boasted to Poirot that he con. Speech is the deadliest of revealers. Hercule Poirot, Cards on the Table eBook. download now: ⎀. So, when he boasted to Poirot that he considered murder an art form, the detective had some reservations about accepting a party invitation to view Shaitana's. Cards on the table by Agatha Christie; 31 editions; First published in ; Subjects: DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY).

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Read "Cards on the Table Hercule Poirot Investigates" by Agatha Christie available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Cards on the Table is a detective novel by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in the .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Editorial Reviews. Review. “When you think it's Colonel Mustard in the basement with the download a site site eBooks site Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More site Book Deals Free Reading Apps site Singles Newsstand .

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Lorrimer contacts Poirot with surprising news. She confesses to Shaitana's murder, and explains that she took the stiletto impulsively after he mentioned poison as a woman's weapon.

Shaitana was right about her, she says; twenty years earlier, she had, she confesses, killed her husband. Poirot objects that Lorrimer's explanation of Shaitana's killing does not match her unflappable personality.

Lorrimer thus believes that Meredith is Shaitana's killer, and decided to lie to save the younger woman. She begs Poirot to let her take the blame for the crime: she will die soon anyway, and Anne will be free to live her young life.

Poirot is confused by this confession, and fears that there may be more trouble to come. His guess proves correct when Mrs. Lorrimer is found dead the next morning, having apparently committed suicide after writing three copies of a letter confessing to the murder of Shaitana and sending them to the other suspects.

Roberts arrives after receiving the letter, but is unsuccessful in his attempt to save Mrs. Poirot and Battle race to Anne Meredith's cottage, fearing that she might strike again. Despard, who has been visiting Anne and Rhoda, both of whom have fallen for him, is a few steps ahead of Poirot and Battle. At Anne's suggestion, Anne and Rhoda are on a boat in a nearby river.

Poirot and Battle see Anne suddenly push her friend into the water. Alas for Anne, when she knocks Rhoda into the water, she also falls in herself. Despard rescues Rhoda; Anne drowns. Poirot gathers Oliver, Battle, Despard, Rhoda, and Roberts at his home, where he makes a surprising announcement: the true murderer of both Shaitana and Mrs.

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Lorrimer is not Anne, but Dr. Poirot brings in a window cleaner who happened to be working outside Mrs.

Lorrimer's flat earlier that morning. He testifies that he saw Roberts inject Lorrimer with a syringe; a syringe, Poirot reveals, full of a lethal anaesthetic.

Battle chimes in that they can bolster any prosecution with the true story of the deaths of the Craddocks, who died of infections, true, but infections deliberately inflicted on each of them by Roberts. Roberts confesses. Poirot points out that in the third rubber of bridge on the night of Shaitana's murder, a grand slam occurred. This intense play would keep the others focused on the game—Roberts was dummy at that point—while Roberts used the opportunity to stab Shaitana.

It is also revealed that the "window cleaner" was actually an actor in Poirot's employ, though Poirot brags that he did "witness" Roberts kill Mrs. Lorrimer in his mind's eye. Despard suggests that one of the gathered party murder Poirot, and then watch his ghost come back to solve the crime.

Cards On the Table

Characters in "Cards on the Table" The Four Detectives Superintendent Battle, a stolid officer from Scotland Yard Colonel Race, a debonair Secret Service agent, also featured as a character in Death on the Nile Ariadne Oliver, writer of popular detective fiction, untidy and somewhat ridiculous Hercule Poirot, the famed private detective The Four Suspects Dr Roberts, a successful physician Mrs Lorrimer, a well-to-do, expert bridge player Major Despard , a dashing explorer Anne Meredith, a pretty, impecunious young woman Other characters Rhoda Dawes , Anne's wealthy friend and housemate Mrs Luxmore, whose husband died in suspicious circumstances Miss Burgess, loyal secretary of Dr Roberts Elsie Batt, former parlourmaid of a Mrs.

Craddock, a patient of Dr Roberts Sergeant O' Connor, extremely handsome and tall, used to get the goods out of Elsie The Victim Mr Shaitana, a collector of all rare things, including murderers; very rich and mysterious The novel also contains a foreword by the author, in which the Author warns the reader that the novel has only four suspects and the deduction must be purely psychological. Sometime later, Poirot visits Lorrimer, who reveals to him that she killed her husband and that she has a terminal condition.

She then confesses to the murder, but Poirot refuses to believe this, suspecting she wishes to protect Meredith. That same morning, Meredith decides to take her flatmate, Rhoda Dawes, for a punt in the nearby river, as they await a visit from Despard. Suspecting another death, Poirot and Battle race to her cottage, arriving after Despard to watch Meredith attempt to drown Dawes.

After she falls in, both are rescued; Dawes survives, but Meredith dies in the aftermath. Although Roberts protest, he eventually confesses when Poirot reveals a window washer who witnessed Lorrimer's murder and Battle makes clear that the police have a strong case against him.

This was in direct contrast to what the other suspects recalled. In addition, Lorrimer's body was found to have the mark of a hypodermic needle.

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To elicit a confession from Roberts, Poirot hired an actor to pose as the witness he provided. With the murder solved, Despard courts Rhoda. The novel contains a foreword by the author, in which the author warns the reader that the novel has only four suspects and the deduction must be purely psychological. Further, it is also mentioned in jest of course that this was one of the favourite cases of Hercule Poirot, while his friend Captain Hastings found it very dull.

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The author then wonders with whom will her readers agree. Superintendent Battle is in charge of the investigation by the police. He agrees to work with the three other sleuths, unusual for the police, sharing all facts equally. He says in Chapter 19, "Cards on the table, that's the motto for this business.

The Times Literary Supplement 14 November stated favourably in its review by Caldwell Harpur that, "Poirot scores again, scores in two senses, for this appears to be the authoress's twentieth novel.

One of the minor characters in it is an authoress of thirty-two detective novels; she describes in several amusing pages the difficulties of her craft.

Certainly Mrs Christie ought to know them, but she continues to surmount them so well that another score of novels may be hoped for. In The New York Times Book Review 28 February , Isaac Anderson concluded, "The story is ingenious, but there are one or two loose ends left dangling when his explanation is finished.

Cards on the Table is not quite up to Agatha Christie's best work.

In The Observer ' s issue of 15 November , in a review section entitled Supreme de Poirot , "Torquemada" Edward Powys Mathers wrote, "I was not the only one who thought that Poirot or his creator had gone a little off the rails in Murder in Mesopotamia , which means that others beside myself will rejoice at Mrs Christie's brilliant come-back in Cards on the Table. This author, unlike many who have achieved fame and success for qualities quite other than literary ones, has studied to improve in every branch of writing in each of her detective stories.

The result is that, in her latest book, we note qualities of humour, composition and subtlety which we would have thought beyond the reach of the writer of The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Of course, the gift of bamboozlement, with which Agatha Christie was born, remains, and has never been seen to better advantage than in this close, diverting and largely analytical problem.

Cards on the Table is perhaps the most perfect of the little grey cells. The Scotsman 19 November wrote: Hercule Poirot thought of going into retirement in order to devote himself to the cultivation of marrows.A widow and expert bridge player.

Alas for Anne, when she knocks Rhoda into the water, she also falls in herself. In addition, Roberts commits only one murder; he does not murder Mr Craddock nor Mrs Lorrimer in the adaptation. Although they do say "I'll be damned. Each suspect looks guilty and just when you think you know which one it is, something comes along to change your mind again and then, of course, Poirot comes along at the end to make some amazing revelation.

December 15, Imprint: Has a fascination with crime, primarily focused on murders and the people who commit them. This author, unlike many who have achieved fame and success for qualities quite other than literary ones, has studied to improve in every branch of writing in each of her detective stories.

A murder is commited during a dinner party that Poirot attends. Christie of course tries to throw some details that would make you think it could have been one suspect or another - but ha!