This guide to Batman: Arkham City contains a very thorough walkthrough of the main story mode of the game. 02 Batman Arkham City Official Strategy Guide - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. arkham city walkthrough.

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here is game guide for Batman: Arkham City. Batman: Arkham City at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and From a full text and video Walkthrough for the main story and even. Welcome all to the IGN walkthrough for Batman: Arkham City. The main walkthrough will take you from point A to point B, forgoing all the Side.

Choose the Explosive Gel from the inventory. In accordance with the instructions. Stop at the place where the game will suggest you turn on Detective Mode 2. You will have to follow the distinguishable yellow pipe. Head north and take the first turn right 1. Follow the hint and switch to Detective Mode 2. Keep going along the only possible tunnel. Right after you enter the tunnel it will turn out that the passage is blocked by steam. Your target is reaching the tunnel located in the west part of the Loading Bay 2.

Move on and soon you will reach a tunnel with blazing fire 2. You can continue moving using this view or press the right trigger to return to the first person perspective. You can either destroy them or avoid getting hit. The Batarangs will hit the safety valves visible in the distance 2 and the objective is to turn off all three green lamps above them at the same time.

Note that now you can pass to the main room of the Loading Bay 1. You can return to the previously explored corridor. Your current priority will change. Equip the Batarang. After a short walk you should reach the steam corridor 1. In a short period of time. After the fight. Afterwards take care of the other enemies present in the room 1. Jump onto the assembly line and find the switch in the east part of the room 2. You will have to use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony 1.

Theoretically you could reach them by jumping through the glass or blowing it up using the explosive gel 1.

Note that inside the room south of here there are three armed enemies. Crouch and choose the newly unlocked passage. You can follow the hint and scan the currently unobtainable trophies by holding LB or just pass by and head to the next door 2. After finding yourself back beside the room with enemies. They lead to the Assembly Line. Crouch and approach the previously mentioned lonely guard 2.

Press Y to silently take him down. Stay where you are and approach the two other guards who are standing beside each other 1. Press Y here as well. Now you can head towards the west door. Note that you have reached a room with new thugs and a hostage. Approach them and press Y to take them both down. Start off by crouching and wait for the guards on the nearby balcony to stand beside each other 2. Use the local vantage points to get behind the backs of the characters below 1 and carefully jump down.

Use the nearest door leading to the further part of the Steel Mill 1. It would be good to eliminate his fast. The thug mentioned above will exit the room where the hostage is 1.

You have many options here. The second enemy is. Quickly return to the vantage point. Now you can enter the room where doctor Stacy Baker is and free her A 1. Hear out some new conversations and note that you have gained a new and very useful gadget — the Remote Electric Charge 2.

The easiest way of surprising him is landing on the balcony and waiting for the thug to stand beside the window 1. If you have chosen the solution I suggested. Press RB to send an impulse and activate the engine for a short while. The game will suggest you check out the new offensive mode of the Electrical Charge activated by pressing the left trigger and B at the same time 1. Stun the two first enemies with a surprise attack 2 and afterwards take care of the two other Thugs.

Repeat the same process after reaching the second locked door 1. Carefully exit the shaft. Choose the recently obtained Remote Electric Charge and aim hold the left trigger at the engine above the door 2. Approach the door and open it to get back to the Assembly Line.

Note that now you can use the newly unblocked passage. Head to the neighbouring room and note that 4 new enemies have appeared here. Use the Grapnel Gun 2 and get inside the ventilation shaft. Once again aim at the generator 2. Choose the negative charge RB 2 and note that it sets the big hook into motion. Head to its middle part and listen out to another conversation with Harley Quinn 2.

It should cause the hook to tear out the door. Your objective is reaching the main room of the Loading Bay 1. Keep on sending charges to give the hook momentum. Approach the generator found in the middle part of the room 1 and equip the Remote Electric Charge. Choose the Remote Electric Charge and send a charge towards the boss 1 by pressing the left trigger and B at the same time.

Remember about having to counterattack often. Quickly approach the stunned Mister Hammer and start rhythmically pressing X to land some quick hits 2. As the battle starts. Fight until you get rid of the normal Thugs and afterwards move your attention to Hammer.

02 Batman Arkham City Official Strategy Guide

This time you will succeed and a cutscene will start. A Climate Analyzer will appear on-screen. If you want. As you have probably guessed. The next step is figuring out a way of getting inside the police station. Start off by taking care of the enemy patrolling the upper balcony 2.

Wait for him to move towards the opposite direction. Stay beside the gate beside which the Thugs you eliminated a moment ago were standing and equip the Remote Electric Charge. The gate has moved up only a bit 2.

Send out a charge RB towards the industrial engine 1. Afterwards take a look at the square in front of the building. Afterwards move in onto the last group. It would be good to approach the enemies from behind and eliminate them at the same time 2. You should take care of the first one now. Aim at the orange area in the lower left corner 2 and afterwards hold down A until you decode the transmission.

Approach one of the bodies and 1 take out the Encryption Key from the radio. You will have to solve an already well-known mini-game. Stop when you see two guards blocking the morgue entrance in the distance.

After reaching the upper level. Wait for one of the Thugs to approach it 2 and detonate the charge. After reaching one of the vantage points you have to press the right trigger 1.

You can also eliminate the enemies using the Explosive Gel. You should be able to eliminate 2- 3 enemies using this way. You can eliminate the enemies in any way you desire. If however one of them sees you. Three of them are standing still and the other two are patrolling the room 2.

Each time you neutralize an enemy. Your objective is eliminate four out of five guards. Start interrogating him Y 2 to learn that the Penguin is holding Freeze inside the Museum.

In the latter case you however need to remember to finish off the dazed enemy 2 and quickly return onto the vantage points. Look for a grate in the floor 2 and press the right trigger and A to enter it. Unfortunately the passage will be blocked by the Penguin 1 and as a result you will have to use the Gotham codes.

You need to use the analog stick to create a password.

Get out of the shaft A and take a look around the area. Stay beside the exit and turn on the Detective Mode. Use the shaft to reach the locked-off room in the north 1. You will have to solve a new type of mini-game. Choose the Cryptographic Sequencer. Now you will be able to use the door leading outside 1. Note the Thugs gathered by the gate 2. Here use the Electrical Charge once again to set the industrial engine into motion 2.

Now you can head to the local Museum. The building can be found in the south-west part of Arkham City and you need to get to area of the main entrance 1. It would be good to initiate the fight with a surprise attack and then finish them off conventionally. Now you can use the door and enter the Trophy Room. Afterwards approach the entrance and use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the right control panel 1.

Afterwards run onto the gate and slide underneath it. It will make Batman automatically dodge incoming attacks 2. If you turn on the Detective Mode. Regardless of the chosen tactic. In order to solve this problem. If you want to test out the suggested tactic. Thugs equipped with knives 1. As a result you will have to find and destroy them. You need to stop them at once then they try to.

Now you can head out to find the first disruptor. It of course would be good to attack the enemies below by surprise. If one of them manages to get one. The difficulty in this fight is that enemies might try to take firearms from the nearby locker 1.

Afterwards approach the disruptor and approach one of the screens 2. You have to do the same with the two other screen of the disruptor. Press A to break through it and tear out the wires. It will disable the machine and let you head out to find the two others 2. Note that the enemies are equipped with firearms. Getting onto the ledge of the nearby Gotham Bank building would create a good starting point. If you want to be sure you will be able to safely evacuate after each attack.

Land nearby the mission objective and destroy the machine in the already known way 1. Listen to the next radio conversation 2 from which you will learn that the last. Your objective is located east of the Museum. Jump down and head towards the subway station entrance 2. Use the stairs they were guarding and you should soon reach the station.

Just wait for the two standing beside the stairs 1 finishes talking and goes away. After reaching the station. The entrance area is patrolled by a few Thugs armed with firearms. Soon afterwards you will have to run and perform a slide. Choose the Explosive Gel. Turn on the Detective Mode and you should note that the nearby wall can be destroyed 1. After finishing them off. You can attack them from above or quietly jump down and takedown two of them at once.

Crouch and quickly get to the other side. Choose the Remote Electric Charge and use it to activate the industrial engine above the gate 2. You can continue going east and eventually you should reach a new group of Thugs 1. Stop after reaching the barricaded passage. After reaching the exit.

As a result you have to consider that each time you eliminate one of the enemies. Just like at the police station. Using the smoke pellets can partially solve this problem. Choose the Cryptographic Sequencer and interact with the control panel 1. Soon you should reach stairs leading to the surface 2. Head towards the museum and note that the entrance area is guarded by a new group of enemies 1.

Attack them from above and look out for the ones equipped with knives 2. Use both analog sticks to create the password 2. After the fight enter the museum to reach the Trophy Room. This time you will be able to approach the mini-game. Jump through the right window again. Look out as they will be using knives.

The thug wearing the red robe will be by far the most difficult one to defeat. Rescuing them will become your main objective. A list of the officer with their whereabouts will appear in the map window. He will tell you that all members of his squad have been captured. You can perform it by pressing B. Stop after reaching the proper area of the room and note the enemies below. If you have chosen to get onto the upper ledge. After stunning an enemy with a knife.

One such actions should be enough to finish him off. Choose the Remote Controlled Batarang aim at the hole above the grate left trigger 1 and throw it right trigger. After reaching the crossroads with a painted sign turn right 2 and note the corridor behind the grate. Here you will see Penguin murdering officer Best. You have to control the Batarang as it flies. You have to fly it through the hole and then lead downwards 2. Shortly after you should reach The Gladiator Pit 2.

Wait for the beast to end one of its charges. For now he can only you a charged attack 2 which can be quite easily avoided by dodging in advance. Remember about countering often. When the Titan is stunned. You can destroy those objects in mid-air. Apart from waving arms. Dodge them if he does. After some time the beast will throw you off its back and the second phase of the fight will begin.

New inmates will come in and you will be able to use the boss to eliminate at least some of them 2. Start attacking the enemies yourself 1. After reaching the corridor. Throw the Batarang and make it fly through the small hole above the gate discharges can be seen around it 2.

Approach the electrified gate 1 and prepare the Remote Controlled Batarang. Your next task is getting out of The Gladiator Pit. Leading out successful attack will eventually bring the Titan down 2. Turn the Batarang left and up through the first staircase 1. Listen to the conversation with Alfred and the Oracle. After a few second you should reach the switch 2. Approach the newly unlocked passage and jump into the elevator 2.

Note that hitting the switch caused the gate on the left to unlock 1. Equip the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it on the new control panel 2. Head there and after reaching the new location examine the area on the left side. Wait for it to take you onto the higher level. Depending on your liking. Head north and on your way you will come across one more weak wall 1 on which you have to use the explosive gel.

After detonating the charge. Now you can climb up 2. A cutscene will start. Approach the first frozen cop. In order to stay as safe as possible. He will also use it to freeze three cops inside the room. Carefully head west 1. Try jumping off the upper ledge 1 and you will be informed of some very nasty handicap. Pressing A will automatically get him to safety. The majority of the room has been covered with a thin layer of ice.

Also keep an eye on the ice density meter and stop or slow down considerably when the red exclamation mark appears. Prepare and shoot the Grapnel Gun towards the platform hanging above the water 1.

Afterwards you can jump onto it. Afterwards start rhythmically pressing A to bring it down and then repeat the same action to push it towards you 2. Choose any north-west of here. Press A to set him free. Stop around the middle of the torture chamber and face north 2. You will have to use the Grapnel Gun again.

If however you decide to make use of them. Jump onto land and approach the last frozen cop 2. The only exception is when you have the heat signature conceal. There are six armed Thugs inside this room.

It makes using the vantage points much more difficult. Three more officers are imprisoned inside the room north of here. Keep heading north until you reach a door leading to the War Room 2.

Pressing A will set him free. He will inform you of the need to save two more cops taken hostage by Penguin. In such a situation you will have to plan your next moves very carefully. After eliminating all of the enemies. Depending on what you prefer. Remember to quickly get away from any eliminated guard.

Other tactics I already mentioned in the guide. Note that the thug holding the hostage at gunpoint sometimes turns around with him. Go up the stairs and for now ignore the Thugs in the distance. Ignore the map. Once again use the floating platform and the Grapnel Gun to reach the frozen middle part of the area 2. Use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony 2. Stop only after reaching the southern exit from the room. Prepare the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it on the nearby control panel 1 to break the password 2.

After finishing off them all. After reaching the partially locked gate 1. Approach the wall in the north-west part of the room and spray Explosive Gel onto it 1. Therefore you have to avoid his standard hits and charged jumps. Throughout the fight. Head west. Freeing him will become your next objective. To be specific. Approach the big glass window and press A 2 to learn that Freeze has not only been imprisoned by Penguin. Detonating it will lead to a fight with a few Thugs.

Finding it will of course become your next objective. It should be enough to defeat the boss. Prepare the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it on the left control panel to break the password 2.

A cutscene with Mister Freeze will start. Afterwards you will be able to use the passage which you unlocked by blowing up the wall 2.

After you manage to stun him. Keep fighting until Abramovici is the last enemy still standing and use the Electrical Charge to temporarily stun him 2. Note that Batman has gained the Disruptor 2. For now. Once again use the ladder and follow the passage into the War Room. Take the route back to the Torture Chamber and note that a major part of the ice has already melted by now 1. As a result you have to jump down onto the platform 2 and use the Grapnel Gun to swim north.

A cutscene will start after you reach the capsule inside which the suit is. Start rhythmically pressing X 2 to defeat the beast. Now you can finish going west and afterwards use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony 1. Evade the places where the balconies are 2 to avoid getting him with the Freeze Gun. Head to the middle part of the room and get ready. Jump down onto one of the floating platforms and use the Grapnel Gun to move west 1.

Go west and soon you should reach a door leading into the Iceberg Lounge 2. Get ready. As you need to approach him first. Aim at Penguin and keep holding the right trigger. Before you can finally get rid of him.

Quickly choose the corridor leading to Penguin and stop around the middle 1. Failing to do so will unfortunately cost you quite a lot of energy.

Mostly he will swing his balls 1 and perform a spin with them 2. A universal way of dodging them is running along the outer part of the arena and using evade when needed. You can react to this by either performing a counter attack. As you can easily guess. In order to put the plan into action. If you have placed the gel at the proper place. Using this tactic. Especially keep an eye on his distance attack 1.

Quickly approach the kneeling Grundy 1 and use the Beat down by rhythmically pressing X to lead out quick hits. After switching off all of them. Get ready for mashing A during the cutscene 2.

After hitting him with all the attacks in Beat down. Ending this sequence will let you move to the third phase. Quickly approach him and press X. Above all avoid the shock waves he generates 1. Also look out for the long distance ball attacks that he performs 2.

Plant the Explosive Gel when a given generator is orange. Note that the generators keep changing their colours from orange to blue 1. Approach Grundy and start rhythmically pressing X 2 to defeat him.

The same goes for choosing the moment to detonate the charge 2. Once you approach him. In order to find al Ghul. Eventually it will turn out you have to find the body of Ra's al Ghul and use his blood to create the cure. Before you is a whole series of cutscenes. Run towards him 2 slaloming or evading often. Turn on the Evidence Scanner and analyze the big blood stain on the floor 1. Keep holding A until the process finishes.

Now you will have to listen to a radio conversation with Oracle 2. Turn off the Detective Mode for a moment. Turn on the Detective Mode back on and start looking for smaller blood stains. After a few moments turn north-west and use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony 2.

You of course still have to use the Detective Mode to locate the blood trails. They will eventually lead you to the main museum exit 2. Listen out to the conversation with Alfred regarding the drop off of the Line Launcher and head north 1.

Turn east and climb onto the balustrade 2. Jump down onto the glass roof below you. Now you have to turn slightly north-east. Remember not to hurry. Soon you will have to jump down 2 and head north-east. After a few steps. Stay cautious. Soon you will be forced to reach the upper part of the roof 1. Your goal is reaching the roof of this building and heading north 2.

During this fight you have to look out for the ones equipped with knifes. Batman will suggest examining this place thoroughly. Face the northern building and start climbing 1. Watch a short cutscene and note the running assassin 2 which you will have to chase. Of course you need to hold A pressed down until the process finishes. Climb onto it and turn left. Continue climbing up 1. Keep following the ninja. After reaching one of the higher ledges turn left again and jump towards the roof of the nearby building 2.

Run east. Look out not to fall down. Soon you will have to make a new jump 2 towards the ledge in the distance. Prepare for jumping onto the roof of the higher building in just a while 1. Luckily the chase will soon end 2. The cutscene will show that Batman has manages to put a tracking device on her. The fight will be very short. Hear out a conversation with Robin. In order to locate the assassin. It can be found in the western part of the industrial district 2.

Afterwards head west and turn north. Look out for the armoured enemy 1. Afterwards quickly finish off the two others. Now you can jump into the large hole 2. It of course would be good to attack them by surprise. After reaching the crossroads turn left.

Hold down the right trigger to walk below the partially raised gate 2. Choose the tunnel heading north 1. Your goal is reaching the place from which you will see three Joker Thugs below you 2. After safely landing on the proper ledge head south 1. Wait until you reach a branching.

Once Batman starts moving along the line. Note the enemies below you and note a destructible part of the floor 2. Choose the Line Launcher. Use the Explosive Gel to break through to the other side. Press the right trigger and Batman will automatically turn 90 degrees 2. Start off by attacking the enemies with firearms and knifes 1. You will of course have to solve a mini-game to create a password 2.

After crossing the narrow corridor you will reach a place where you will need to use once again the Line Launcher 2. Jump down and start attacking the inmates. Stay very cautious.

During the proper part of the fight. Wait for Batman to regain his strength. Now you can act in one of two ways. Hold down the left trigger and wait until you get nearby the room with enemies 2. Prepare the Line Launcher and aim at the opposite wall 1. If you decided to change direction. The more obvious solution is allowing Batman to reach the next ledge. Open the door leading to the Collapsed Street. Hear out the conversation with Oracle and use the northern door 2 leading to Wonder Tower Foundations.

Inside the room you will face a new difficulty. As the fight will take place beside an abyss. After a successful action you of course have to quickly move away from the place. In order to neutralise the thug mentioned above. The only solution to this problem is locating the enemy with the jamming device.

Wait for him to move away from his buddies and walk below the vantage point. Batman will transport the woman to a safe place and afterwards speak with her. You need to find the door leading to the Wonder Avenue 2. In such case. Afterwards return to the main room and head north. Generally you fight them like the standard enemies with knives. Use the Explosive Gel and afterwards the Electrical Charge to set the engine in motion 2.

After the fight is over. Right after going through the second gate. Ignore the inmate with a blade in his back. It will let you see that the third engine is below a destructible floor fragment 1. Take out the Remote Electric Charge and use it on the engine sticking out of the ground 1. Approach the second gate and use the Electrical Charge again to open it 2. Head straight and soon you should reach a large gate 2. Head even further south and find the Mechanical Guardian beside the small exhibition 1 2.

Downloading data from the third Guardian will cause a new group of assassins to appear 1. The second one can be found south of your current position 1 2. Return to where the third Guardian was and examine the opposite display 2 to collect further data. After reaching the room above. As the room is rather small. Stay in the west part of the Wonder Avenue and look for another upper ledge 1 2. After getting upstairs you should at once note the last Mechanical Guardian 1 2. Look up and note that you can use the Grapnel Gun on the roof of one of the eastern buildings 1 2.

In order to reach the seventh Guardian. The game will play the material. Approach him and finish downloading the video data. Turn left and you should find yourself beside the wall seen on in the video 1 2. Batman will use her to unlock the secret passage. Press A to interact with the secret panel and get ready to eliminate one more assassin. Wait for the right moment 2 and press Y.

Batman will tell her that he wants to join the League of Assassins. Eventually you will reach a ladder 1 leading to the Chamber of the Demon. After getting downstairs you will watch yet another cutscene. After the conversation ends. Watch a cutscene involving a slowly weakening Batman and afterwards head north 2.

A cutscene involving Talia al Ghul will be played. You need to reach the big gate 1. Wait for all the walls to disappear and move a few steps forward 2. Follow his instructions.

The first is the Dive Bomb. Thoroughly read the instruction displayed on the screen. Listen out to the details of the upcoming trials and you will learn that you need to reach the place marked by al Ghul without touching the ground or any other elements of the environment. Jump off the ledge and start gliding. You will need to alternate between doing two things.

After reaching the platform. You need to use the same tactic as with other enemies equipped witch blades. Your goal for now is reaching the blue crystal platform 1. The next trial is very similar to the previous one. In result you have to pay more attention to choosing the moment in which you pull up 2.

Right after flying through the steel construction you should see a new crystal platform in the distance 1. Your objective is reaching the new crystal platform. In this particular case the whole diving and pulling up segment will last a bit longer 2. The main difficulty in this trial is the need to fly through the elements of a steel construction. Fly directly above the vortex and hold down the right trigger to dive into it 2.

The overall tactic stays the same. After reaching the gate. You will have to watch a longer cutscene. Start the last flight. Get out and go up the stairs 1. You have to stay especially cautious. This time you will have to reach another vortex 1 and just like before dive by holding the right trigger in the right moment 2.

When he appears on the battlefield and starts preparing to attack. After a few moments normal assassins will show up 1. Keep fighting until you get rid of all the standard assassins 2. The universal method of dodging these types of attacks is evading often. Start attacking them. It should move the battle to the second phase. After hitting the boss for the first time an additional difficulty will appear.

The key to winning this phase of the battle is using the Electrical Charge. Theoretically you could avoid taking damage from the swords by standing in the right place. After completely depleting his life. Constantly keep moving. Therefore you have to choose the right moment to attack each time. Dodging his fast attacks is essential. In the second part you will have to attack the assassins that came out of the ground 1.

Similarly to the beginning of the battle. Successfully completing this part will initiate a cutscene. Batman should defend from their attack 1.

Otherwise you will lose some health right at the start of the battle 2. If you manage to press Y at the right moment. This phase consists of two main parts which will keep on repeating one after another. In the first. Therefore you have to constantly keep moving and evade often. You should therefore advance to the fourth part of the battle. This time you will have to dodge the shurikens and fast swords from the very beginning of the battle 1. Unfortunately you have to take into account that the number of obstacles will be successively increasing 2.

Keep using the Electrical Charge until you drain the whole health bar. The tactic is identical to the one used in the second phase. Press and hold the left trigger and afterwards RB. You will advance to the fifth and last phase of the battle which will take place inside the Chamber of the Demon. The next step is brining the blood to Mister Freeze. Wait for the enemy to be successfully targeted 1 and let go of RB.

Another cutscene will play. Afterwards listen to the conversations with Oracle and Robin. Eventually you should reach the door leading to the Wonder Tower Foundation 1.

Go through the sewers and afterwards the Wonder Avenue 2. Head south and find the sewers entrance 1. Choose the Line Launcher and aim at the wall in front of you 1. Slow down left trigger right after shooting the line.

Head south here as well and afterwards use the Grapnel Gun to get nearby the southern door 2. You have to leave Wonder City and reach the subway terminal. Here you will have to use the Line Launcher as well 2. After reaching the ledge visible in the distance. Right after reaching the subway terminal. Of course remember to quickly get away from the area of each successful attack.

Traditionally with such sequences. If you want to stay on the higher level. Eliminate all the enemies. Each time begin with pressing B to stun the enemy with your cape 1. Go to the subway tunnels and you will be forced to fight inmates equipped with big shields for the first time 2. On your way you will have to crouch and jump between cars a few times.

Afterwards quickly press A twice. Eventually you will reach a place from which you will be able to jump down to the very bottom 2. The main difficulty is of course the fact that they will be able to block your standard attacks and as a result you will have to eliminate them in a different way. It would be good to begin the fight with a surprise attack Y on the armoured enemy 1.

Leave the shielded enemies for the end 1. Only afterwards should you move to attacking the other enemies 2. Get inside and cross it to the other side. You have to use the previously described tactic here. Nearby the surface exit 2 you should hear a radio transmission lead by Hugo Strange. Use the newly unlocked stairs 1 to reach the upper level of the subway terminal.

Prepare the Cryptographic Sequencer and use it on the control panel 1 to break the password and hack into the system 2. Interrogating him before he lands in prison will become your primary objective for now. Wielding a number of freezing weapons, he wears protective armor in his quest to somehow bring back his lovely wife and avenge her fate.

Since the opening of Arkham City, Mr. Freeze has seemingly disappeared. Batman already has a lot of trouble on his hands. Maybe he can convince Mr. Or maybe not. None Beautiful Nora Fries found undying love when she married the shy but brilliant cryogenicist, Victor Fries. Since then, Nora has been trapped between life and death.

Victor became Mister Freeze, willing to break every law in his desperate search for a means to cure Nora. Surveillance cameras saw some goons securing a massive block of ice inside a building in the Industrial District. This might have relevance to Mister Freeze. Born into the wealthy Cobblepot family, Oswald was sent overseas for school as a boy.

When his family hit hard times, Cobblepot immersed himself in a criminal education on the streets of London. The Penguin seems to be prospering within Arkham City as the leader of its emerging black market.

The wounds fractured his psyche and he was reborn Two-Face, a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality. Two-Face is thriving in Arkham City, rallying inmates to join his gang using tried-and- true campaign tactics.

Some of his posters appear in Park Row. The Courthouse is near there, which is probably where Dent spends most of his time. A master of hand-to-hand combat and swordplay, Talia has dueled with Batman on several occasions and considers him an honorable opponent.

Talia knows that one day she may be forced to choose between her father and her beloved. His question marks and riddles litter the city. The Riddler also has informants in quite a few gangs. Red He ght: Taking refuge in a vine-covered stronghold, Ivy would rather keep humanity away than participate in the gang wars of Arkham City. Var es Le ght: Mysterious forces doomed the now immortal Grundy to an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Robbed of his memories, he adopted the name of a nursery rhyme. This is the end of Solomon Grundy. Later, Karlo stole and injected himself with experimental compounds that transformed him into a mass of living clay who can alter his composition to mimic anything…or anyone. Black Ha r Lolor: Indiscriminate in his prey, body count is the only thing that matters to Zsasz. He carves a mark for each of his victims into his own body and is saving a special spot for the Batman.

There could be a way to track Zsasz. If Deadshot starts killing anyone in Arkham City, Batman can use his tools to scan for clues. Using his skills for mesmerism, the Mad Hatter has committed many crimes, often themed-based around the book that inspired him and his love of hats and headgear, going so far as to implant his hats with mind-control chips to amplify his hypnosis skills.

A childhood sociopath, Elliot tried to kill his parents so he could control their fortune. An incredibly gifted surgeon as an adult, Elliot has spent decades planning an elaborate revenge scheme to destroy Bruce Wayne. Subjected to military experiments with the experimental ultra-steroid Venom, his superhuman strength and iron-forged will helped him to escape. BroLn Lhen on Venom, 5reen He ght: He was taken inside, but no one reported seeing him leave.

From the Library of Paul Perry ptg Born with a rare mutation that made his skin green and scaly and grew his body to grotesque proportions, Waylon Jones was raised by an alcoholic aunt and bullied relentlessly for his appearance. As his physical condition and mental state deteriorate, Killer Croc becomes a more bestial foe, increasingly detached from humanity. His whereabouts are unknown since his escape from Askham Asylum.

If Killer Croc is anywhere in Arkham City, it would likely be somewhere dank. YelloL Ha r Lolor: BroLn Ha r Lolor: Saved with a downloadout by Bruce Wayne, Sionis came to resent and hate his rescuer.

His ensuing battle with the Dark Knight caused his mask to be burnt into his skin, remaking him as the Black Mask. Sionis is now a feared gang leader and one of the most powerful mob bosses in Gotham, with a burning hatred of the Batman. TYGER guards have done a keen job of grabbing a variety of criminals.

They might have Roman Sionis in custody as well. From the Library of Paul Perry ptg They told the people of Gotham that Arkham City would help cure the crime issue that plagued its streets. To help calm matters and give people direction, Bruce Wayne has called a press confer- ence.

During the proceedings, though, a group of armed men attack and kidnap Bruce Wayne in front of the press and all of Gotham. Who will stop this insanity? He circled the globe for years, training his mental and physical abilities to their peek.

Download: Batman: Arkham City Game Guide Strategy Game Guide and Walkthrough

He has no choice but to use his alter ego and invest millions to bring enough political pressure to bear to force its closure. He knows it is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode onto the streets of Gotham. Bruce Uayne Lakes up ns de a cell, t ed to a cha r. To free h m from capt v ty, sloLly move the left analog st ck from s de to s de. Counter his attack by following the on-screen icon that appears.

This prevents the guard from kicking Bruce! Although this works well, Bruce cannot break free in time to save himself. Another guard charges him and nothing will prevent this as- sault. Wounded, Bruce is shoved into an open yard. Direct him toward the staging area on the right while looking around at the other prisoners. The processing center is a grim location.

Walk toward the fenced area on the right. Hugo Strange is there, along with several waiting guards. Eventu- ally, Bruce bumps into Jack Ryder, a reporter who was covering the press conference before everything went awry. Bruce and Jack talk until a large door opens in front of them.

The next walkway is fenced off, but the inmates surrounding it are riled up. As Jack runs forward, men climb over the fences and attack him. Bruce is soon a target as well. Counter his initial attack and he pulls away to let his cronies take the damage. Slap at the goons until they get up enough courage to launch attacks of their own.

Once this happens, counter them until Bruce breaks free of his handcuffs. Stay alive and look for an opportunity to escape. Stand next to Jack after the fight and use the on-screen command to help him get to his feet. Make sure to slap the Penguin around for what he just did. Using them in this situation disables each attacker. Rush toward Jack as soon as the thugs are dispatched and attack the creep who keeps hitting him.

Get a feel for the flow of com- bat during this encounter. Rely on counters quite a bit, even if it seems like it breaks up the rhythm of the fight. The damage from counterattacks is considerable and these moves become more intuitive over time. Find a place with enough reception to contact Alfred. Bruce must scale upward to get a mes- sage out. The on-screen indicator illustrates which command to use to climb. Follow the commands while directing Bruce toward the garbage dumpster on the side of the yard.

At the top of the ladder there is a small ledge. Jump from the end of the ledge to the far side of the area to make Bruce pull himself onto some ductwork. Use the next ladder to continue upward. Head for the rooftops for better reception and a great vantage point. Bruce calls Alfred after reaching the roof.

Bruce grabs the recessed ledge and uses it to shimmy along the outer edge of the structure. Move right until Bruce reaches more ductwork. Once at the summit, Bruce learns a new com- mand. Use it to crouch down while moving underneath obstacles. Watch the open sky on the right while Bruce crawls through this short section.

Instead, use the commands for crawling and jumping together. Doing so enables Bruce to hang off the side of the building. Shimmy to the right and climb back up on the opposite side. Crouch to maneuver underneath obstacles. Press the appropriate buttons to hang off the side of the building. Crawl underneath another pipe and let Bruce take a ladder toward the top of the building.

Get onto the roof and use the Bat-Vault to suit up. With the change of clothes, Bruce Wayne becomes…Batman!

He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology. Now that Batman has access to some of his toys, it will make a huge difference in what he can accomplish. There are also two normal signals that are un-encoded.

Position the cursor over the green signals to hear any un-encoded signal. The transmission on the left is the Gotham FM broadcast.

Listen to the GCPD Dispatch on the right if you want to learn how the police are handling the events of the evening. At the top of the grid is an anomalous signal.

When used alone, the device unfolds and allows Batman to receive radio broadcasts. When ready to proceed, use the decoder on the upper-right signal. Keep using the decoder until the signal is completely compromised.

Save Catwoman from Two-Face. From the Library of Paul Perry ptg Now Batman has access to the regional map, so press the appropriate button to access it. Watch for the opportunity to use the Special Combo Takedown.

Work the group over, using counterattacks to prevent anyone from successfully attacking. Several men spot the Dark Knight. After exploring Park Row, approach the court- house.

Another group of thugs is waiting near the entryway, talking about the downsides of crossing—or even annoying—Harvey Dent. Enter through the front of the courthouse or via the balcony. Harvey Dent is down there, protected by a horde of loyal henchmen. The wounds fractured his psyche, and he was reborn Two-Face, a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality.

Two-Face is thriving in Arkham City, rallying inmates to join his gang using tried and true campaign tactics. Since the opening of Arkham City, reports of Catwoman burglaries are down, though underworld rumors have her hunting down Two-Face for an unknown reason.

Walk to the end of the hallway and explore the area until you see an indication to use the Grapnel.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game Guide & Walkthrough

Instead, knock the goon out by employing a Silent Takedown. Just get be- hind the enemy, press the appropriate button when it appears and follow the on-screen directions. Remove the lookout with a Silent Takedown.

Enter the room using the wire suspended near the ceiling. Stay near the rear wall to avoid getting surrounded. Dent shoots into the fray periodically, but his shots are wild and inaccurate. Stay on the move to avoid any bullets, thrown objects, and most melee attacks.

Drop in on the proceedings. Find Joker to learn about Protocol Batman has every reason to be Lary r ght noL. This visual mode makes it possible to see many clues that would otherwise go undetected. While in this mode, inspect the windows on the sides of the courtroom. One of them is broken!

Move closer to that window and scan the bullet hole. Although there are exits at the front and back of the courthouse, go toward the rear exit. A side stairway leads down into some holding cells and Calendar Man is inside one of them. Whenever Batman gains a level, invest a point in one of the upgrades that shows up with the green arrows.

If survival is a big issue, choose an armor upgrade try Combat Armor, as it comes into play more often than Ballistic Armor.

This makes a huge difference in late-game combat. Hit Harley once and then back off. Save the hostages. Harley leaves, but her armed goons stay behind. Drop a Smoke Pellet follow the on-screen command right away and grapple to safety. This causes the enemies below to lose sight of Batman, giving the initiative back to him. Use a Smoke Pellet to conceal your getaway. Armed enemies are extremely dangerous. To defeat armed foes, stay in the darkness as often as possible.

Hide in the upper reaches of a room to get an aerial view of your victims. The goal is to find enemies who are off on their own. When that opportunity arises, pick one off, flee to the shadows and repeat the process. Be wary of making too much noise. Many Takedowns, although effective, may alert other guards to the situation. Flee quickly and remember that danger presents opportunities; mobile guards sometimes end up exposing themselves or leaving their buddies behind.

Watch out for opportunities to eliminate enemies with a quick takedown. No stairs? No problem! Zip to the end of the church and drop behind the last two guards. Walk toward them and utilize a Double Takedown. Talk to anyone who catches your interest. There are guards and medical personnel in this area. One doctor has a particularly interesting story, so visit him on the other side of the room.

Aaron Cash takes his position by the front door. Talk to him to learn more about what happened inside the church.

Observe the hostage taker on the right, glide over toward him and land on the platform above. Use a Silent Takedown and then knock him out before returning to the ceiling. Glide past the foe on the other side of the room. Land behind him and break through the weakened wood panel behind the unaware guard. This causes him to go down like a ton of bricks, releasing the second hostage in the process.

Harley destroyed the stairs leading up to the top, but Batman can grapple his way up. Access the top of the church. Climb the ladder at the top of the room. This is where the sniper must have made the shot. Go into the evidence scanner and examine the remote gun near the window. Make your escape when the opportunity arises. A scanner reveals f Batman s gett ng closer or further aLay from Joker. FolloL the s gnal through the c ty streets. It appears that the s gnal s com ng from someLhere n the Industr al D str ct.

Continue tracking the Joker. Grapple to the top of the chimney to gain access to the Steel Mill. Another mission is triggered when Bat- man picks up a ringing phone under- neath the broken section of overpass, just north of the church. Ring- ing phones appear while in Detective Mode, so turn it on if you hear one. The clues are in abundance—just look at the decorations in the area!

When Batman reaches the top of the radio tower the second highest structure on the Steel Mill , he has a conversation with Alfred. The best way to enter the mill undetected is to drop down through the chimney. After a short cutscene, Batman gets inside the mill to con- tinue his investigation. For extra fighting, descend and knock them all out. Solving Riddles results in ex- tra experience here, too.

This tool stuns enemies at range, triggers switches, and can be used to solve a number of Riddler puzzles. This gadget can be thrown through small holes, around cor- ners, and used to navigate a considerable distance. Jump and glide to the northern ledge, then slide underneath an outcropping. After a couple of hurdles, Batman arrives in front of the water valve control.

Switch to the Batclaw and target the large ring on the control mechanism. Launch the Batclaw and pull the ring until the door swings open to cool down the room. Sneak into the building without getting torched. Glide down to the north ledge. Drop to the ledge below. Go to the other end of that ledge and hang down from it. Shimmy to the side, climb back up, and get atop the damaged railing. Walk to the end of the railing and turn to the right.

Jump from that location to another set of rails. Proceed forward and switch to the Explosive Gel gadget. Spray the Explosive Gel onto the weakened area and detonate it! Explosive Gel, a tool that Batman has been using for quite some time, works well against damaged floors and walls.

During a fight, Batman can use the gel in a quickfire mode. This knocks enemies around, causing them to take damage and lose any weapons or defensive items in their possession. The Batclaw opens vents and duct covers that are otherwise inaccessible. Use the Batclaw to rip open a hatch, then use the claw again to pull a Riddler Trophy from its resting place.

Crawl through the tunnels while listen- ing to the people in the main room. Use a Batarang to stop the steam from pouring into the room and climb into the crawlspace above.

Enter Detective Mode to see just how many enemies are nearby. Before long, Batman reaches a steam blockade with three control mechanisms behind it. Use the fast tap version of the Batarangs to hit all three mechanisms within a few seconds.

Doing so shuts off the steam and allows Batman to pass through the remainder of the tunnels. Pop out of the grating at the end and attack the henchmen in the room above.

Use the grate to surprise the henchmen. This crew can throw large objects. Use this opportunity to catch and return the thrown weapon by pressing the counterat- tack command button. Make the most of special attacks; the Special Combo Takedown is quite effective. Take the door that leads out of that room and stop when you hear more henchmen talking. Knocking that guy out might be doing him a favor!

Since all three foes have guns. Instead, throw a Batarang at the controls near the conveyor belt. Crouch and slip into the area beyond and grapple up to the top to gain a better vantage point.

Hop down and sneak behind the lone henchman on the other side of the room. Use a Silent Takedown to drop him without alerting the other guards. Next, jump behind both remaining guards to knock them out.

This is a great tool for reminding yourself of collectible objects that are currently inaccessible. From the Library of Paul Perry ptg Someone got wise and locked the door between this room and the next one. Leap through the nearby window to reach the next chamber. Grapple to the top of the room and blow through another obstacle to obtain a Riddler Trophy. There are more enemies in the next room, so move slowly and be prepared. It helps when the henchmen make things easier. Next, crawl toward the southern side of the room.

Save Dr. There are two armed guards in front of the main doorway in the smelting chamber. Luckily, they like to talk to each other. That leaves only a few more targets. Use a drop attack when descending from the upper levels, then pound the guy with a ground attack to leave him unconscious. Remember to grapple back to the upper tiers immediately afterward.

Take this guy down with an Inverted Takedown if possible. If you miss the Inverted Takedown, hop onto the gargoyle hanging above the guard, drop down, and plunge near him when he turns in the wrong direction. A Silent Takedown is perfectly effective. Stacy Baker gives Batman an earful of informa- tion about Joker. She has deployed Harley Quinn statues all over the place. Interact with the statues to hear from her. This gets you some experience and unlocks Riddler Secrets, too!

Return to the assembly line and use the REC to open the sealed doors. This route leads back to the assembly line via a higher path. Follow it and drop down behind several thugs who are trying to weld the main door shut.

The REC stuns enemies, opens electronically controlled doors and activates some types of machinery. Return to the loading bay and use the REC on the large machine at the southern end of the room. The controls swing a large crane hook back and forth. Words are exchanged, plans are hatched and everyone learns a little about themselves.

Eye witnesses claim he is stricken with a serious disease, possible caused by his Titan overdose on Arkham Island. Using a combina- tion of gadgets and attacks is a solid gameplan. In fact, the more variations that are used, the more experience you earn at the end of each battle. Learn how to mix in Batarang tosses and charged shots to disrupt enemies with weapons.

Use various combo attacks to get even more experience. Draw the majority of the enemies away from Mister Hammer and stay mobile to avoid his wide swings. Any time your combo starts to get high, use special attacks to thin the ranks of the goons. Hammer goes a bit crazy when he gets shocked and the thugs nearby suffer for it.

Also, try to stun and leap over Mister Hammer. Pummel him from behind to unload some serious damage! Mister Hammer is an easy target once his cronies are history. Run in, hit him once and roll away before he strikes. As soon as he tires from swinging, rush in and unload several attacks and repeat the technique as soon as he winds up a second time.

Batman can make short work of the brute. Alternately, double tap the Jump button to leap over Mr. Hammer to avoid his attacks, along with those of his cronies. This allows Batman to evade and jump over an enemy before he can attack.

Hamm er when done properly. Locate Mister Freeze. At normal room temperature he will die. Batman uses a temper- ature sensor to locate Mister Freeze, who is likely in the coldest spot in Gotham. Look at the temperature gauge while exploring. Follow the chilly air to the north. Grapple over to them and silently take out both guards. One proven tactic involves removing both roof guards and then splitting up the lower men by hitting them at range with a Batarang. Disappear into the night before the gunners make it to the upper level of the building.

Stalk a lone guard on patrol and perform a Silent Takedown. If two guards are close together, creep up behind them and grab the closest one. As long as the takedown is silent, the other foe is oblivious to the going on. Try to get each guard when they split up.

You can always count on him to stay in touch! Use the REC on the mecha- nism above the door. Have him back up, run up to the door, and then slide underneath it.

Take a card from one of them to intercept messages in the future. Then, go through the door. Slide underneath the garage door. Armed guards litter the old police precinct. The main group is stationed in- side a large room near the entrance. There are openings on the left and right sides of the hallway. There must be a better way!

Walk along the right hallway and grapple to the top of the room. Jump from ledge to ledge to reach the far wall. Open the grate against the wall and crawl into the ductwork. Drop into the main room without being seen and unleash a Silent Takedown on the closest guard.

Do the same thing on the second guard as quickly as possible. Take cover when the Penguin alerts more guards. Sneak up on the new forces and use a Double Takedown on the closest pair.

He down- loads the Municipal Codes for all of Gotham. Locate the side room with a computer console. Use the Sequencer on it to hack the device and input the special code. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack into the Security Panel. Return to the front but look for another side room off the main hallway. Snag a Riddler Trophy before exiting the building.

If anything goes wrong, retreat to the entrance at high speed. The guards check out what happened to their buddies, but Batman can slip into the large room as guards leave. Roll up their group with Silent Takedowns. Anyone who sees Batman should catch a Batarang to the face and then be eliminated with a Ground Takedown. If that happens, leave quickly and come in from another angle.

When each half of the code word unlocks, stop moving the controls for that side and work on the other one. Advanced codes may have multiple word fragments on each side. Attempt to investigate the Museum. Walk to the back of the area and use the environmental scanner on the organ. The mission proceeds from there. Pressing and holding the Counter button and the movement button away from the thug for the duration of the attack allows Batman to Blade Dodge knife attacks, but timing is very important.

The move must be timed properly. Note that these foes normally stab in sets of three. Unfortunately, something is wrong. Penguin must have known that Batman would use his Sequencer. There must be a jammer somewhere outside. A simple Batarang does the trick at almost any range.

Stay on the rooftops to get a clear view of all the enemies to the southwest. Be especially wary of gunmen or large groups. Most of the larger groups have a couple of people with melee weapons including knives, which are more dangerous than baseball bats. Eliminate as many enemies as possible.

Afterward, go inside and be ready! The Penguin has two of his best men guarding the foyer. One transmitter is on top of the Museum, on the northeastern side of the roof. Knock out the guards and keep them away from the gun crate located against the wall. Punch anyone who tries to mess with it! Punch anyone near the crates to prevent them from unlocking the containers. Knock the newly armed guard down as soon as possible. Note that Batman must smash several pieces of the transmitter to disable it.

Fully disable the transmitter before moving on. Another transmitter is located on top of a build- ing to the north of the Bowery. There are four gunmen guarding it, so be very cautious. Look for the foe standing near the edge of the rooftop. Take him out quietly and then make some noise to draw the others closer.

Hop off the roof and hang until they turn around and perform Silent Takedowns. Destroy the transmitter after all four men are knocked out.

Backtrack and then walk past the gate where the two guards were standing. Descend through the tunnels and get another Riddler Trophy from a grate near the bottom of the area. The tunnels empty into a defunct subway station; follow the tracks and climb onto an old train. Maneuver along the train, sliding underneath pipes and other obstacles. Dispose of the two thugs when they wander away from one other.

Silence them both and enter the tunnel. Maneuver over and under the pipes. Find a way to get underneath Arkham City. Find the last transmitter and destroy it. Ambush a few thugs on the other side of the trains, but be on the lookout for a variety of goodies in this area. Placed by the Riddler, Batman must take pictures of them to get Riddler Trophies.

Line up the question mark and scan it. Guards are standing in the next open room. For a stealthy approach, open the vent and slip inside. Take some time to thoroughly examine the room. Since they have a great vantage point of the area, life will be easier without them.

Once both are down, grapple onto the upper statues and wait for the next victim to appear. Get any trophies or goodies in the area, then backtrack through the entire subway system. Climb back to the surface streets of Arkham City.

General FAQs

Siege the Museum. There are new guards stationed at the Museum entrance. Pummel these foes with your favorite moves before entering the Museum. Once inside, use the Sequencer on the console that was previ- ously scrambled. Now the main portion of the building is unlocked. Without the jammers, the Security Panel can be hacked. From the Library of Paul Perry ptg Follow the main hallway to proceed.

The Museum is beautiful, but there are more thugs dirtying up the place. There is a trio of guards down in the next room. One has a knife, while the other is sporting body armor. Who knows how many of them need assistance.

Gordon is going to want his men back alive and Batman can surely help. James w. The door to the west leads to yet another hall. Its southern side has an electric mechanism that controls a door. The other direction, as an arrow ominously points, leads north toward larger rooms.

Use a Remote Batarang to open this route. Send the Batarang over the gate and keep it moving slowly for maximum control. Once the gadget reaches the other side of the gate, descend and maneuver the Batarang so that it hits a red control box.

This opens two sets of gates. Follow the corridor until Batman reaches the Gladiator Pit. The longer Batman stays in any single position, the more likely that enemies will surround him making it easier to break his combo. When the last thug falls, Penguin deploys a new threat.

The only down- side of a Beatdown is that the long se- ries of blows leaves Batman exposed to counterattacks. Try to eliminate, or temporarily stun, everyone else in the room before performing a Beatdown on a foe wearing body armor.

Stay near the walls and wait for the big guy to charge. Dodge to the side to avoid damage, then quickly close in. Use the on- screen commands to stun the thug three times. Batman holds on for dear life and can partially control what the infected man does during this time.

When Batman gets thrown to the ground, wade into the weaker enemies right away. Explore along the southern side of the room. Use a Remote Control Batarang to hit it; guide the gadget over the fence and back down to the red override button. Use the REC to control the elevator. Proceed through the southwestern gate when it opens and hack into a con- sole in the next hallway.

This opens a door leading into a small elevator room. Hop into the elevator and use the REC on the machinery to reach the top of the room. Set Explosive Gel on the ceiling and blow through it. The hallway above is relatively empty. Turn left at the junction and continue until Batman reaches the Torture Chamber.

Use the Remote Control Batarang to hit the button on the other side of the fence. But that all ended when the Joker shot her through the spine. The men are on thin ice—literally! Batman must slowly walk across the ice to avoid falling into the water underneath.

Batman is an expert swimmer and his suit protects him from a number of environmen- tal elements, including the cold. However, it would be lethal to fall through the ice in this chamber. While walking, crouch to move at a decent clip without risking falling through the ice. Walk toward the northern part of the room. Use the Batarang to knock down the platform suspended over the water.

Pull the makeshift boat toward Batman. Get on the platform and use the Batclaw to grab a ring near the next prisoner. Pull Batman toward that part of the room, then exit the platform. Repeat this tactic for the next one. Leave the Torture Chamber using the exit on the northern side of the room.

Search the next hallway. Save the hostages by knocking out all the armed guards. The thugs are wearing thermal imaging goggles, so sneaking up on them will be harder than usual. There are six gunmen and many of them stay up high to utilize a good vantage point over the rest of the chamber. The two patrolmen on the ground are the most vulnerable targets at the outset. Sneak up behind them and score Silent Takedowns before Penguin can alert the other men.

Use Explosive Gel on the weakened wall. At least one guard will split off from the main pack. Dispose of him and the next goon who makes the same mistake. The grates in the room provide good places to hide. Also, destroying weakened walls causes a great deal of noise, so avoid using that method if your goal is a silent victory.

Without their allies to support them, there are myriad ways to eliminate the last two guards. Finish them off and then save the three hos- tages at the top of the area. Talk to Tom Miller, search for trophies in the room, and then leave. If one of the guards grabs a hostage, take him out using a stealth approach. Enter the next room and take a look around. Try to blast through the weakened wall of the war room and see what happens. Pull the weaker thugs away from their leader and slap them around.

Once Batman has thinned the herd, leap toward the Lieutenant and unleash a number of fast attacks. Roll away to evade his sword swings. Thin out the weaker thugs before focusing on the Lieutenant. Once the thugs are down, visit the back of the war room. Use a console to open the cage that the Penguin has built for Fries. Pass through the torture chamber and grapple to the southern ledge to reach the south hall.

Turn south and search the war room for Victor Fries. This is used in the upcoming fight with the Penguin and again during a boss fight later in the game. However, there are ways to upgrade the Disruptor and those cases are discussed later in this walkthrough. Return to the torture chamber and cross to the western part of the room.

While traveling through the chamber, there is a sudden attack that comes from the depths. Get onto the ledge above the waterline and head toward the Iceberg Lounge, where the Penguin is patiently wait- ing. Rush into the lounge and take cover.

Located in the center of the chamber, the Penguin shoots the Freeze Gun at regular intervals. When Batman reaches the walkway, the Penguin attempts to lure Batman in. Approach slowly and use the Override every few steps. As soon as the white crosshairs start to line up, the Override is within range.

Charge him and beat that smug expression off his face. After an impressive cutscene, Batman is faced against another powerful enemy. Most of the ice is already gone, so the platform provides the only means to accomplish this.

This nets Batman the Disruptor: Freeze Override. This time, though, each generator has a protective cover that closes periodically. Batman can deploy the Explosive Gel at any time, but the gel must be detonated when the protective cover is pulled back; if not, it protects the generator.

Look for three generators on the ground. These are the keys to victory! Detonate the gel to destroy each generator. Stay focused on Grundy at all times. His sweeping attacks cover a massive amount of ground. Use evasive rolls to back away when he swings the balls around the room. After all three generators are destroyed, Solomon Grundy collapses.

Have Batman charge in to pound on him, again and again. Use quick Batarang throws to eliminate the maggots in short time. Once all three generators are damaged, Grundy falls again. Attack him without remorse. Solomon Grundy grabs the Dark Knight and pulls him alongside.

Get some distance from Grundy once Batman escapes. The areas alternate between arcs of electricity, a protected state and full exposure. When the generators open, race onto one, deploy the Explosive Gel and detonate it. The beast throws his globes onto various points in the room. This ends the main portion of the encounter.

The waddling bird launches a series of grenades at Batman. Roll to the side to avoid each volley, then hurry forward in between attacks. Afterward, Batman and Victor share a consultation. The next target soon becomes clear. She njured herself n the process, leav ng Batman a tra l of blood to track.

Scan the blood to pick up a trail. Leave the building and turn left to follow the blood splatters. Fight the pack of goons to gain additional extra experience. After learning of the location, an ambush comes out of nowhere!

Scan the bandages when the trail goes cold. Watch as she leaps away, across the rooftops. Follow her once Batman recovers. Stay calm and follow the assassin around the rooftops. When using the Grapnel, there is a chance of losing her trail. Tested by the Dark Knight himself with a grueling training regimen, Tim earned the right to become Robin, and has since lived up to the name. It can be used to cross large gaps, ambush guards, or even get around corners by shooting additional lines while crossing on the first one!

The tracking device leads to the Industrial District.Prima Games. Titan Containers: Head to its middle part and listen out to another conversation with Harley Quinn 2. A Climate Analyzer will appear on-screen. Superhero fiction portal Video games portal.