A Fistful of Fight Scenes - Bazaar, reffirodonverm.gq, , KB. file file, Feng Shui 2 - Core reffirodonverm.gq, , KB. file. Feng Shui is an action-movie roleplaying game because it is inspired by the . HEY RPG FANS! .. and the Difficulty is only 2, the GM decides that Jimmy. DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest Feng Shui 2 is still in print and available through distribution.

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use in your other RPGs without knowing where they came from. Mooks .. version of the rules, is Feng Shui 2. Anyone telling All the archetypes for Feng Shui 2 are presented on p. shipping or a PDF store can offer. Realistically. A lot of tabletop RPGs have a heavy focus on combat, but most of them treat Imagine my excitement when I heard about Feng Shui 2; a game that After backing and receiving the final PDF, I loaded it up on my tablet, and. It's back in all its explodey, chi-blasting glory - Feng Shui, the classic game of Hong including a fully fleshed, mayhem-rich introductory adventure, Feng Shui 2 is more than ready for you. Format: Full-color, page casebound hardback & PDF All Roleplaying Games (no need to check other RPG lines individually).

The second problem I noted was the way characters came to be collections of special minor rules, Feats if you will. Martial arts had complex trees that the gaming den would say were full of 'Tax' feats, forcing you to take useless crap to get to the cool stuff, and gun-fu stuff was more freeform except for stacking necessities. A presumably old and experienced character would have potentially dozens of powers on his sheet, but the original numbers would have hardly budged.

But, for a light, fast pick-up sort of game, which Feng Shui most definitely was, all of these issues were pretty damn minor. You started with a reasonably competent character that you arguably personalized with a few elements of back-story and you played out your own version of HK cinema, complete with mix and match elements and cyborg apes really?

Do those feature heavily in asian cinema? I've never seen 'em, and I'm usually ON the sci-fi jam. Also, monkeys. So I got, against my better judgement, Feng Shui 2, mostly because it was there and the local game store in my new locale literally stocks a dozen books total, so you take what you can get.

Lots and lots of words. Mind you, I sorta like words. But when I pick up a game book I really want the meat of the game.

Feng Shui 2: The Kickstarter PDF Has Landed!

I don't want seven hundred and eleventy pages of filler. This book is literally three times the size of the first edition. Mind you, it doesn't SEEM like its any more complex a game, but frankly Now, as of right now my first edition book is half a continent away from me, so I can't really compare the rules that directly, but at a glance not only does it seem like the rules haven't really changed, your already notional characters of Feats have, if anything, appeared to have gotten simpler!

That's right: Famed auteur of modern gaming, Robin D. Laws, has managed to triple the page count while actually gutting an already simple set of rules. Now, some of that gutting may be good I think most archetypes get one starting discretionary pick, rather than the memory here Mind you, I do think you have a few more archetypes that didn't exist before.

Post apocalyptic super-mutants being one definite new one, and I think it's easier to get access to sorcery than the old 'eunuchs only' that never really was truly eunuchs only.

I think eunuch sorcerers are automatic bad guys in both editions So what is the bulk of this book, aside from good old Robin loving the sound of his own voice? Oh, I understand first edition had it some metaplot, though god only knows why since the entire premise of the setting once you got away from recreating Hard Boiled was that you could, and probably would simply out of brazen stupidity, change the past, present and future, wiping out all that shit involving the future setting anyway which, ironically, is where the Metaplot seems to have gone down hardest See, FS2 isn't quite cross compatible with the previous setting books because they pretty much wiped out one of the four time junctions, moved another one seven hundred years for no real reason other than they could, and updated to Hong Kong from the original's Hong Kong despite a vague promise not to do that in the original?

Too many words, really. There's probably a good chapter's worth of information on the personal campaign characters of the original Feng Shui that is meaningless to me, and irrellevant to any player not treating the world of Feng Shui like some RPG version of Game of Thrones. I literally cannot care who Robin Laws's players had as Dragons the notional Contemporary faction for Player Characters back in or how they all were wiped out over the years.

I have no fucks to spare for the game designers personal campaign notes. Even those drunk scottish bastards who made SLA Industries had enough sense to restrict the tales of the Kilneck to 'They did a bunch of shit beyond Black Stump' in their backstory, which honestly The original FS may have had a metaplot, but it wasn't really in the main book and to my eyes fairly easy to ignore if you didn't download adventures. Having the results of twenty years of that metaplot development in FS2 I learn that, nope, it really didn't change anything.

Its the least exciting metaplot ever, which is a great thing if, like me, you hate metaplots. I'll be honest, the original future junction wasn't really all that exciting. A bit of mixed with demonic magi-tech and, well, cyborg apes.

I mean: Its not bad, per se That's all you got for a future full of cyborg apes wielding tormented demons turned into rocket launchers? Seriously the best thing about the future setting was they had a handgun called the Godhammer or maybe Godkiller.

What did it do? Well, it was a big handgun with a really cool name.

And that is gone. Why is it gone? No more future guns, they all disappeared from all junctions when the future junction sorta changed but still left the Cyborg Apes. Sure, whatever. For all of that, Mr Laws can't quite restrain himself from waxing on about the now utterly destroyed in defiance of the rules of the setting, actually Architects of the Flesh and what they were like from time to time.

I know that there are supplements for the 1st edition but from my impression Feng Shui 2 doesn't need anything else to work. The rules look surprisingly simple. Your character has skills etc.

Feng Shui - Rulebook

Then you roll 2 six-sided dice and subtract one from the other. You add the amount to your AV and need to exceed the difficulty number. There are some bells and whistles like rolling sixes but the basic mechanism is very easy. Every character also has special abilities called schticks depending on your background.

Petty Gods

These are very nice and distinguish characters from one another. Combat uses a tick system but one that looks like it actually works. Movement and maps are not that important in a high-flying action setting.

Most actions have a fixed cost of 3 shots ticks on the initiative slot. The range of character archetypes to choose from is pretty awesome.

There is the maverick cop, the bandit, the sorcerer, the supernatural creature, the gene freak mutant , the transformed dragon and more. Everyone will find something that they like. The Melodramatic Hook is a nifty tool to tie in characters to the setting and the plot. The setting takes place in different time periods, so you can play in Ancient China, in the Now or even in a post-apocalyptic futre.

You also move through portals to a mystical Netherworld with strange creatures. The parts for the GM don't disappoint. There is a general chapter on how to GM Feng Shui 2, how to handle combat and NPCs, how to create an adventure and how to tie in characters to the game.Version 1. Vital Stats. For all of that, Mr Laws can't quite restrain himself from waxing on about the now utterly destroyed in defiance of the rules of the setting, actually Architects of the Flesh and what they were like from time to time.


Just think twice about soaking in the sauna at the Mutagen Chamber. Bask in golden sunsets and pose near dappled ocean waters as the chi war meets the drug war. Whatever you do, think twice before signing any binding documents.

Choose between 36 action flick archetypes.