Book Collector Downloadable desktop software for Windows & macOS Lots of data fields, many customization options and advanced "pro". Catalog your book collection on your phone, tablet, Mac, Windows PC or online. Auto-download full book Book Collector Downloadable for Windows / macOS. Catalog your collection of CDs, DVDs, books, comic books or video games. Download the I'm a long time customer of the Book and movie collector software.

Book Collector Pro

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Find out what users are saying about Book Collector Pro. Read user Book Collector Pro reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. Download Book Collector for Windows. Book Collector is a software for Windows-based PC and Mac OS that allows you to organize your collections of. download Book Collector Pro at a low price from the site Software store.

May 05, A great way to catalog your collections with many search options. The platform is self explanatory.

Book Collector Pro

The Internet search function is excellent. I would highly recommend.

May 03, Great for keeping track of books Barcode scanner is worth it. Good online database for manual search too. April 29, April 26, Best thing since sliced bread!! April 18, It allows me to scan in most of my book collection using the ISBN barcode.

A small minority of my collection is not in the database yet, but inputting these is not difficult.

Book Collector Pro by Free Download

Finally, I can download a custom CSV of my library to make a spreadsheet. The app interface is efficient and pleasant to interact with. This is app is an ideal took for a book collector like myself to use to catalog a personal library.

April 15, Been using for year's and am in it all the time. April 08, April 06, Awesome resource. April 02, Keep up the good work your products tick so many boxes its great.

Relatively new user but it does pretty much everything I want from a book collection app - was happy to uograde. April 01, Easy to use plus you can back up info. Exactly what I was looking for. March 31, March 29, I am a retired librarian doing a favour for an old friend.

And I have to say that, from day one, I have found your software to be of the very highest quality. Congratulations on a superb product! I should also add that I have found your after-sales service team to be most helpful and efficient. All Good Wishes for the future and for Ajax! So far enjoying using this app.

Features of Book Collector

downloadd it today only. March 28, Editing existing books is fast, the search function is fast and better targeted than before, the overall look is an improvement, and being able to see the collection on different devices is great.

March 26, Here's a copy of a post I made somewhere else about it: So, Book Collector is really powerful.

There's a lot of info that you have a chance to catalog and detail. Standard info also includes things like price - which would be a self-created category in Calibre. There is a major difference between BC and Calibre.

The price being one of them, lol! Calibre - being open source - has a lot of plug ins. Once of which is DRM removal.

As far as I can tell, BC does not have that. BC does not do this. The very old books I will leave for the third and final inventory. Book Collector Pro

What a lot of thoughtful work you have put into this program. Thank you! It's the sort of thing I dreamed of having 20 years ago when I first started building my collection, and I have recommended it to several friends with large collections like my own.

It is wonderful, so thanks to you, I am one happy woman!

Well, after careful consideration I have downloadd the Mac version of Book Collector and even though I haven't had time to catalogue many books it does seem to serve my purpose, and more! Last night I showed it to a friend who 'is in the know' about cataloguing systems, library databases etc and he was quite impressed with all the options and the user friendly set-up.Sync fix for Read It field and more April 25th, You can make the most out of each feature by consulting the online help manual and useful tips.

Book Connect Cloud-based, for any online device.

It offers the possibility of sorting books by different criteria, as well as keeping track of the items that were loaned. Book Collector reviews from customers March 29, The very highest quality I am a retired librarian doing a favour for an old friend. March 23, What a lot of thoughtful work you have put into this program.