Elena now rises from the dead to recreate the powerful vampire trio. Stefan summoned by Elena, he keeps a promise to her and fights the most terrifying evil he's. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. L. J. Smith has written over two dozen books for young adults, including The Vampire Diaries, now a hit TV show. She has. DARK REUNION The Vampire Diaries Book 4 ByL. J. Smith THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Dark Reunion Volume IV L. J. Smith HarperT.

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You couldn't just substitute Sue Carson for Elena and say, There, everything is fixed now. But how do I explain that to Caroline? Bonnie thought.

Suddenly she knew. Caroline stared. You must be joking. Invite that bizarre little drip who undressed in front of half the school? After everything that happened? But she's not in with the fast crowd anymore; they don't want her and she's scared to death of them.

She needs friends. We need people. Let's invite her. Bonnie thrust her chin out, put her hands on her hips, and waited. Finally Caroline sighed. I'll invite her. But you have to take care of getting Meredith to my house Saturday night. And Bonnie—make sure she doesn't have any idea what's going on. I really want this to be a surprise. She was unprepared for the sudden light in Caroline's face or the impulsive warmth of Caroline's hug. What do I have to do to explain to her?

Sock her? And then: Oh, God, now I have to tell Meredith. But by the end of the day she decided that maybe Meredith didn't need to be told. Caroline wanted Meredith surprised; well, maybe Bonnie should deliver Meredith surprised. That way at least Meredith wouldn't have to worry about it beforehand. Yes, Bonnie concluded, it was probably kindest to not tell Meredith anything.

And who knows, she wrote in her journal Friday night. Maybe I'm being too hard on Caroline. Maybe she's really sorry about all the things she did to us, like trying to humiliate Elena in front of the whole town and trying to get Stefan put away for murder.

Maybe Caroline's matured since then and learned to think about somebody besides herself. Maybe we'll actually have a good time at her party. And maybe aliens will kidnap me before tomorrow afternoon, she thought as she closed the diary. She could only hope. The diary was an inexpensive drugstore blank book, with a pattern of tiny flowers on the cover. She'd only started keeping it since Elena had died, but she'd already become slightly addicted to it.

It was the one place she could say anything she wanted without people looking shocked and saying, "Bonnie McCullough! She was sitting on lush, manicured grass that spread as far as she could see in all directions.

The sky was a flawless blue, the air was warm and scented. Birds were singing. Of course. She poured the tea precisely, without spilling a drop. A sandwich. Without the crust. The whole scene was as sparkly and beautiful as a picture by Seurat.

Warm Springs, that's where we are. The old picnic place, Bonnie thought. But surely we've got more important things to discuss than tea. Elena never had been able to do it herself. Her eyes glowed a deeper blue than the sky, lapis lazuli blue. Bonnie touched her own springy red curls self-consciously.

Oh—yes, of course," said Bonnie, flustered. She had no idea what Elena was talking about, and she felt as if she were walking on a tightrope over alligators. Elena selected one for herself and bit into it delicately.

Bonnie watched her, feeling uneasiness grow by the minute inside her, and then— And then she saw the mud oozing out of the edges of the sandwich. For the first time, the dream seemed like a dream, and she found that she couldn't move, could only gasp and stare.

A thick glob of the brown stuff fell off Elena's sandwich onto the checkered tablecloth. It was mud, all right. Except that the voice wasn't Elena's; it was ugly and distorted and it was a man's voice. There were black pits in the green grass, which wasn't manicured after all but wild and overgrown.

This wasn't Warm Springs. She was in the old graveyard; how could she not have realized that? Only these graves were fresh. Bonnie looked down at the half-eaten sandwich she was holding and screamed. Dangling from one end was a ropy brown tail. She threw it as hard as she could against a headstone, where it hit with a wet slap. Then she stood, stomach heaving, scrubbing her fingers frantically against her jeans.

The company is just arriving. Things were moving in the plate of sandwiches and the freshly dug pits. Bonnie didn't want to see any of them; she thought she would go mad if she did. The wind blew her hair into her eyes and she couldn't see.

Her pursuer was behind her; she could feel it right behind her. Get to the bridge, she thought, and then she ran into something. You're not Elena! It came from somewhere behind Bonnie and it swept through the dream like a fresh, cold wind. The bony hands on Bonnie's arms, the crawling graveyard, the rancid hot air.

For a moment Elena's voice was clear, but it was broken up like a bad long-dis-tance connection. I'm not as strong as he is…" Bonnie missed some words. You have to find… right now. Two "And that's all I remember," Bonnie concluded as she and Meredith walked down Sunflower Street between the rows of tall Victorian houses.

But that's the part that wasn't clear, except that it was important, terribly important. What do you think? But the dream still bothered her; it had bothered her all day, enough to put her earlier worries out of her mind.

Now, as she and Meredith approached Caroline's house, the old worries returned with a vengeance. She really should have told Meredith about this, she thought, casting an uneasy sideways glance at the taller girl. She shouldn't let Meredith just walk in there unprepared… Meredith looked up at the lighted windows of the Queen Anne House with a sigh.

Might as well make the best of it. Meredith paused and her keen dark eyes searched Bonnie's face curiously. Then she knocked on the door.

We could end up stuck with her. Don't be ridiculous. Her tinkling laughter came out brittle and false. Possessed by some crazy impulse Bonnie added, "Fiddle-dee-dee. The door was opening on its own. She beamed wildly herself and spoke through clenched teeth. There was even a flower arrangement, although Bonnie noticed the orchids in it matched Caroline's pale green scarf exactly.

It was a Hermes silk with a design of vines and leaves. She'll end up wearing one of those orchids in her hair, I'll bet, Bonnie thought. Sue Carson's blue eyes were a little anxious, her smile wavering. But she smiled back with wry warmth and Bonnie relaxed.

She was the only girl at school besides Bonnie and Meredith who'd stood by Elena when everyone else had turned against her.

At Elena's funeral she'd said that Elena would always be the real queen of Robert E. Lee, and she'd given up her own nomination for Snow Queen in Elena's memory. Nobody could hate Sue. The worst was over now, Bonnie thought. Now she said, "Oh, sure," and nervously flicked long, light brown hair out of her eyes as she picked up the camera. Just like she's some kind of servant, Bonnie thought, and then the flashbulb blinded her.

As the Polaroid developed and Sue and Caroline laughed and talked around Meredith's dry politeness, Bonnie noticed something else. It was a good picture; Caroline looked stunning as ever with her auburn hair gleaming and the pale green orchids in front of her. And there was Meredith, looking resigned and ironic and darkly beautiful without even trying, and there she was herself, a head shorter than the others, with her red curls tousled and a sheepish expression on her face.

But the strange thing was the figure beside her on the couch. It was Sue, of course it was Sue, but for a moment the blond hair and blue eyes seemed to belong to someone else. Someone looking at her urgently, on the verge of saying something important.

Bonnie frowned at the photo, blinking rapidly. The image swam in front of her, and a chilling uneasiness ran up her spine. No, it was just Sue in the picture. She must've gone crazy for a minute, or else she was letting Caroline's desire for them "all to be together again" affect her.

No, farther, farther—there! When the flashbulb went off, she started like a scared animal ready to bolt. Caroline scarcely glanced at this picture, getting up and heading for the kitchen instead. Come on, you've got to help me melt the fudge. The last traces of Meredith's pleasant expression evaporated and she turned to Bonnie. Then she looked up and grinned. Caroline's actually trying to be nice, and it's good for Vickie to get out of the house for once…" "It doesn't look like it's good for her," Meredith said bluntly.

She'd spent most of the previous fall in a trance, being slowly driven out of her mind by a power she didn't understand. Nobody had expected her to come out of it as well as she had. Meredith was still looking bleak. Still looking down at her hands, she said, "But it is. Caroline's mom must have told her; she and my mom used to be friends a long time ago. Your birthday was last week, May It's today, June 6.

It's true; it's on my driver's license and everything. My parents started celebrating it a week early because June 6 was too upsetting for them. It was the day my grandfather was attacked and went crazy.

He tried to kill me, too. Vaguely, she remembered Meredith speaking about this before, but she hadn't told her the full truth then. And she hadn't said when it had happened. She couldn't say the word vampire, but she knew Meredith understood.

I didn't mean to upset you. Even though we've been friends since first grade and she never told me this secret before. For an instant her skin chilled and words came floating out of the dark corners of her mind.

No one is what they seem. She'd been warned that last year by the voice of Honoria Fell speaking through her, and the prophecy had turned out to be horrifyingly true. What if it wasn't over yet? Then Bonnie shook her head determinedly. She couldn't think about this right now; she had a party to think about.

And I'll make sure it's a good party and we all get along somehow, she thought. Strangely, it wasn't even that hard. Meredith and Vickie didn't talk much at first, but Bonnie went out of her way to be nice to Vickie, and even Meredith couldn't resist the pile of brightly wrapped presents on the coffee table. By the time she'd opened the last one they were all talking and laughing. The mood of truce and toleration continued as they moved up into Caroline's bedroom to examine her clothes and CDs and photo albums.

As it got near midnight they flopped on sleeping bags, still talking. Alaric Saltzman was Meredith's boyfriend—sort of. He was a graduate student from Duke University who'd majored in parapsychology and had been called to Fell's Church last year when the vampire attacks began.

Though he'd started out an enemy, he'd ended up an ally—and a friend. He's over there finding out what they were doing with psychics during the Cold War. It was a question Bonnie would have liked to ask Meredith herself. Because Alaric was almost four years older, Meredith had told him to wait until after she graduated to talk about their future.

But now Meredith was eighteen—today, Bonnie reminded herself—and graduation was in two weeks. What was going to happen after that? I have to think. She wanted Meredith to go to Boone Junior College with her, not go off and get married, or even engaged. It was stupid to decide on one guy so young. Bonnie herself was notorious for playing the field, going from boy to boy as she pleased. She got crushes easily, and got over them just as easily. Everyone looked at her quickly.

Sue's chin was resting on her fists as she asked, "Not even Stefan? With the only light the dim bedside lamp and the only sound the rustle of new leaves on the weeping willows outside, it was inevitable that the conversation would turn to Stefan—and to Elena. When Stefan had first come to Fell's Church, every girl had wanted him. And Elena, the most beautiful, most popular, most unapproachable girl at school, had wanted him too.

It was only after she'd gotten him that she realized the danger. Stefan wasn't what he seemed—he had a secret far darker than anyone could have guessed. And he had a brother, Damon, even more mysterious and dangerous than himself. Elena had been caught between the two brothers, loving Stefan but drawn irresistibly to Damon's wildness. In the end she had died to save them both, and to redeem their love. The atmosphere had changed.

It was hushed now, a little sad, just right for late-night confidences. Her voice was soft but intense, and it seemed to Bonnie that those words described Elena better than anything she'd ever heard. You can't waste any of life because you never know how long you've got. But before she could say anything, Sue repeated, "I still can't believe she's really gone.

Sometimes I feel as if she's somewhere near.

(ebook) The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion

An image of Warm Springs flashed through her mind, and for a moment it seemed more vivid than Caroline's dim room. I still have that feeling," she said to Meredith. The others gazed at her silently. Once, they would all have laughed if Bonnie hinted at any-thing supernatural, but not now. Her psychic powers were undisputed, awesome, and a little scary. At the end she was trying so hard to stay in contact with me, but she couldn't.

At last Sue said hesitantly, with the faintest catch in her voice, "Do you think… do you think you could contact her?

Bonnie looked toward Meredith. Earlier, Meredith had dismissed the dream, but now she met Bonnie's eyes seriously. Visions from the nightmare kept swirling around her.

What about a Ouija board or something? Suddenly the hushed, low-key mood was broken and an indefinable tension filled the air. Everyone sat up straighter and looked at each other with speculation. Even Vickie looked intrigued on top of her scaredness.

That's really the question," Meredith said.

Once again Bonnie found everyone looking at her. She hesitated a final instant, and then shrugged.

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Excitement was stirring in her stomach. The Ouija board should be inside, on the top shelf with a bunch of other games. She knows that. The noise was thin and shrill and it fell off weakly at the end, but there was no mistaking it.

It was a scream. It was followed by dead silence and then suddenly peal after peal of piercing shrieks. For an instant the girls in the bedroom stood transfixed. Then they were all running out into the hallway and down the stairs. Vickie was standing in front of the closet, arms outstretched as if to protect her face.

She clutched at Meredith, still screaming. There were game boxes scattered across the floor and Monopoly markers and Trivial Pursuit cards strewn everywhere. I was reaching up to the top shelf and something grabbed me around the waist! From inside the closet. Winter coats hung in an impenetrable layer, some of them reaching the floor. Gently disengaging herself from Vickie, Meredith picked up an umbrella and began poking the coats. Meredith used it to push the coats aside and reveal the bare cedarwood of the closet wall.

Nobody there," she said lightly. If you leaned in far enough between them, I'll bet it could feel like somebody's arms closing around you. She put her face in her hands, long silky hair falling forward to screen it. For an awful moment Bonnie thought she was crying, then she heard the giggles. I really thought—oh, I'm so stupid! I'll clean it up," Vickie said. When they were all gathered around the coffee table, with several lights turned off for effect, Bonnie put her fingers lightly on the small plastic planchette.

She'd never actually used a Ouija board, but she knew how it was done. The planchette moved to point at letters and spell out a message—if the spirits were willing to talk, that is.

Meredith's fingers were long and slender, Sue's slim and tapering with oval nails. Caroline's nails were painted burnished copper. Vickie's were bitten. There were little hisses of anticipation as the girls obeyed; the atmosphere was getting to all of them. Picture her.

If she's out there, we want to draw her here. In the dark behind her closed lids Bonnie saw pale gold hair and eyes like lapis lazuli. None of them could be guiding it; they were all applying pressure from different points. Nevertheless, the little triangle of plastic was sliding smoothly, confidently.

Bonnie kept her eyes shut until it stopped and then looked. The planchette was pointing to the word Yes. Vickie gave something like a soft sob. Bonnie looked at the others. Caroline was breathing fast, green eyes narrowed. Sue, the only one of all of them, still had her eyes resolutely closed. Meredith looked pale. They all expected her to know what to do. She felt unready and a little stupid addressing the empty air directly. But she was the expert; she had to do it. The planchette made a little circle and returned to Yes.

Suddenly Bonnie's heart was beating so hard she was afraid it would shake her fingers. The plastic underneath her fingertips felt different, electrified almost, as if some supernatural energy was flowing through it. She no longer felt stupid. Tears came to her eyes, and she could see that Meredith's eyes were glistening too.

Meredith nodded at her. Caroline doesn't feel it, Bonnie realized; she doesn't sense anything I do. Psychically speaking, she's a dud.

The planchette was moving again, touching letters now, so quickly that Meredith barely had time to spell out the message. Even without punctuation it was clear. Bonnie sniffed and went on. The planchette seemed to add the exclamation point. It was jerking violently from letter to letter as if Elena could barely contain her impatience. It pointed at the stylized picture of the moon, then at the sun, then at the words Parker Brothers, Inc.

Bonnie was frightened. The planchette was pulsing with energy, a dark and ugly energy like boiling black tar that stung her fingers. But she could also feel the quivering silver thread that was Elena's presence fighting it. Vickie screamed.

Meredith started to her feet. And then all the lights went out, plunging the house into darkness.

Three Vickie's screams went out of control. Bonnie could feel panic rising in her chest. Come on; we've got to get out of here! Everybody grab hands and you lead us to the front door. She didn't sound as frightened as everybody else. That was the advantage to having no imagination, Bonnie thought. You couldn't picture the terrible things that were going to happen to you. She felt better with Meredith's narrow, cold hand grasping hers.

She fumbled on the other side and caught Caroline's, feeling the hardness of long fingernails. She could see nothing. Her eyes should be adjusting to the dark by now, but she couldn't make out even a glimmer of light or shadow as Caroline started leading them. There was no light coming through the windows from the street; the power seemed to be out everywhere. Caroline cursed, running into some piece of furniture, and Bonnie stumbled against her. Vickie was whimpering softly from the back of the line.

Then Bonnie felt tile under her feet. Don't let go—where are you? Caroline, give me your hand! Out of the darkness something large and moist closed around her fingers. It was a hand. It wasn't Caroline's. Bonnie screamed. Vickie immediately picked it up, shrieking wildly. The hot, moist hand was dragging Bonnie forward.

She kicked out, struggling, but it made no difference. Then she felt Meredith's arms around her waist, both arms, wrenching her back. Her hand came free of the big one.

And then she was turning and running, just running, only dimly aware that Meredith was be-side her. She wasn't at all aware that she was still screaming until she slammed into a large armchair that stopped her progress, and she heard herself.

Bonnie, hush, stop! They had slid down the back of the chair to the floor. Something grabbed me, Meredith! Be quiet! It's still around," Meredith said. Bonnie jammed her face into Meredith's shoulder to keep from screaming again.

What if it was here in the room with them? Seconds crawled past, and the silence pooled around them. No matter how Bonnie strained her ears, she could hear no sound except their own breathing and the dull thudding of her heart. We've got to find the back door. We must be in the living room now. That means the kitchen's right behind us. We have to get there," Meredith said, her voice low. Bonnie started to nod miserably, then abruptly lifted her head.

I had to let go of her hand to pull you away from that thing. Let's move. Oh, God. We can't leave her, Meredith. Meredith, I made Caroline invite her. She wouldn't be here except for me.

We have to get her out. But you pick the strangest times to turn noble, Bonnie.

Then there was a crashing, like feet on stairs, Bonnie thought. And briefly, a voice was raised. Don't—Vickie, no! Bonnie knew what she meant. It was too dark to go running blindly around this house; it was too frightening. There was a primitive panic hammering in her brain. She needed light, any light. She couldn't go fumbling into that darkness again, exposed on all sides. She couldn't do it. Nevertheless, she took one shaky step away from the chair. Bonnie kept expecting that moist, hot hand to reach out and grab her again.

Every inch of her skin tingled in anticipation of its touch, and especially her own hand, which she had outstretched to feel her way. Then she made the mistake of remembering the dream. Instantly, the sickly sweet smell of garbage overwhelmed her. She imagined things crawling out of the ground and then remembered Elena's face, gray and hairless, with lips shriveled back from grinning teeth.

If that thing grabbed hold of her… I can't go any farther; I can't, I can't, she thought. I'm sorry for Vickie, but I can't go on. Please, just let me stop here. She was clinging to Meredith, almost crying.

Then from upstairs came the most horrifying sound she had ever heard. It was a whole series of sounds, actually, but they all came so close together that they blended into one terrible swell of noise. First there was screaming, Sue's voice screaming, "Vickie!

And over that a sustained scream, on a note of pure, exquisite terror. Then it all stopped. What happened, Meredith? Bonnie, let go.

I'm going to see. They found the staircase and made their way up it. When they reached the landing, Bonnie could hear a strange and oddly sickening sound, the tinkle of glass shards falling. And then the lights went on. It was too sudden; Bonnie screamed involuntarily. Turning to Meredith she almost screamed again.

Meredith's dark hair was disheveled and her cheekbones looked too sharp; her face was pale and hollow with fear.

Tinkle, tinkle. It was worse with the lights on. Meredith was walking toward the last door down the hall, where the noise was coming from. Bonnie followed, but she knew suddenly, with all her heart, that she didn't want to see inside that room.

Meredith pulled the door open. She froze for a minute in the doorway and then lunged quickly inside. Bonnie started for the door. She plunged into the doorway and then pulled up short. At first glance it looked as if the whole side of the house was gone. The French windows that connected the master bedroom to the balcony seemed to have exploded outward, the wood splintered, the glass shattered. Little pieces of glass were hanging precariously here and there from the remnants of the wood frame.

They tinkled as they fell. Diaphanous white curtains billowed in and out of the gaping hole in the house. In front of them, in silhouette, Bonnie could see Vickie. She was standing with her hands at her sides, as motionless as a block of stone.

Bonnie maneuvered around her cautiously, looking into her face. Vickie was staring straight ahead, her pupils pinpoints. She was sucking in little whistling breaths, chest heaving. It said I'm next," she whispered over and over, but she didn't seem to be talking to Bonnie.

She didn't seem to see Bonnie at all. Shuddering, Bonnie reeled away. Meredith was on the balcony. She turned as Bonnie reached the curtains and tried to block the way. Don't look down there," she said. Down where? Suddenly Bonnie understood. She shoved past Meredith, who caught her arm to stop her on the edge of a dizzying drop. The balcony railing had been blasted out like the French windows and Bonnie could see straight down to the lighted yard below.

On the ground there was a twisted figure like a broken doll, limbs askew, neck bent at a grotesque angle, blond hair fanned on the dark soil of the garden. It was Sue Carson. And throughout all the confusion that raged afterward, two thoughts kept vying for dominance in Bonnie's mind. One was that Caroline would never have her foursome now. And the other was that it wasn't fair for this to happen on Meredith's birthday.

It just wasn't fair. I don't think she's up to it right now. She put the spoon down at once. What she wasn't up to was sitting in this kitchen one minute longer. She needed out. Her mouth was set in a tight line. After all, you're the one who said it isn't dangerous, right?

McCullough looked down at his petite daughter, who stuck out the stubborn chin she'd inherited from him and met his gaze squarely. He lifted his hands. Be back before dark," he said. Once inside, both girls immediately locked their doors. As Meredith put the car in gear she gave Bonnie a glance of grim understanding. How can they be so stupid? They find one dead body without a mark on it except those caused by the fall.

They find that the lights were off in the neighborhood because of a malfunction at Virginia Electric. They find us, hysterical, giving answers to their questions that must have seemed pretty weird. Who did it? Some monster with sweaty hands. How do we know? Our dead friend Elena told us through a Ouija board.

Is it any wonder they have their doubts? Do they think we made up those dogs that attacked at the Snow Dance last year? Do they think Elena was killed by a fantasy?

Life has gone back to normal, and everybody in Fell's Church feels safer that way. They all feel like they've woken up from a bad dream, and the last thing they want is to get sucked in again. And one of them got so scared and confused she ran right out a window. Alaric was one of the handsomest guys she'd ever seen, even if he was a doddering twenty-two years old.

Now, she just gave Meredith's arm a disconsolate squeeze. I don't even know where in Russia he is now. Then she sat up. Meredith was driving down Lee Street, and in the high school parking lot they could see a crowd. She and Meredith exchanged glances, and Meredith nodded. When she and Meredith got out, people moved back, making a path for them to the center of the crowd. Caroline was there, clutching her elbows with her hands and shaking back her auburn hair distractedly. He can follow you to Heron, I'm sure," said Meredith.

Caroline turned, but her green cat's eyes wouldn't quite meet Meredith's. Her eyes came up and for an instant Bonnie saw how frightened she was. If Caroline, who knew, was acting this way, what about the other kids? She saw the answer-in the faces around her. Everybody looked scared, as scared as if she and Meredith had brought some loathsome disease with them. As if she and Meredith were the problem. She was in the front of the crowd, and she didn't look as uneasy as the others.

She can't be dead. Her boyfriend put an arm around her, and several other girls began to cry. The guys in the crowd shifted, their faces rigid. Bonnie felt a little surge of hope. Elena said…" Despite herself Bonnie heard her voice failing. She could see it in the way their eyes glazed up when she mentioned Elena's name. Meredith was right; they'd put everything that had happened last winter behind them.

They didn't believe anymore. And now she's off her head again. And just a little bit earlier you'd heard Sue shouting, 'No, Vickie, no! Listen to me. Something grabbed my hand in that house, and it wasn't Vickie. And Vickie had nothing to do with throwing Sue off that balcony.

The faces tilted toward her were shuttered, unyielding. Then she saw one that made her chest loosen. Tell them you believe us. Now he looked up, and what Bonnie saw in his blue eyes made her draw in her breath.

They weren't hard and shuttered like everyone else's, but they were full of a flat despair that was just as bad. He shrugged without taking his hands from his pockets. It's all going to turn out the same anyway. Matt had been upset ever since Elena died, but this… "He does believe it, though," Meredith was saying quickly, capitalizing on the moment.

Tyler Smallwood.

The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion

Grinning like an ape in his overexpensive Perry Ellis sweater, showing a mouthful of strong white teeth. Matt always said that grin was asking for a punch in the nose. But Matt, the only guy in the crowd with close to Tyler's physique, was staring dully at the ground. You don't know what happened in that house," Bonnie said. Maybe if you hadn't been hiding in the living room, you'd have seen what happened.

Then somebody might believe you. She stared at Tyler, opened her mouth, and then closed it. Tyler waited. When she didn't speak, he showed his teeth again. She could have done it. Even Meredith cried out in frustration. Because of course at the very mention of Stefan pandemonium ensued, as Tyler must have known it would. Everyone was turning to the person next to them and exclaiming in alarm, horror, excitement.

It was primarily the girls who were excited. Effectively, it put an end to the gathering. People had been edging away surreptitiously before, and now they broke up into twos and threes, arguing and hastening off.

Bonnie gazed after them angrily. What did you want them to do, anyway? She hadn't noticed him beside her. Something besides just standing around waiting to be picked off. Are you? I mean, in one way I'm surprised I'm doing as well as I am, because when Elena died, I just couldn't deal. At all. But then I wasn't as close to Sue, and besides… I don't know! Truly evil. And whoever did it isn't going to get away with it. That would be—if the world is like that, a place where that can happen and go unpunished… if that's the truth…" She found she didn't have a way to finish.

You don't want to live here anymore? What if the world is like that? Bonnie was shaken. But she said staunchly, "I won't let it be that way. And you won't either. Meredith spoke up. Elena did communicate with us. She wanted us to do something. Now if we really believe that, we'd better figure out what it is. You poor guy, you're still as much in love with her as ever, thought Bonnie. I wonder if anything could make you forget her?

She said, "Are you going to help us, Matt? It was the first time she'd fully realized herself that this was what she meant to do. Because you are alone, you know.

She said we had to do a summoning spell to call for help. She was getting excited. Do you think it really was Elena you were drinking tea with? And then partway through something else took over and pushed her out. But she fought, and for a minute at the end she got back control.

Then that means we have to concentrate on the beginning of the dream, when it was still Elena communicating with you. But if what she was saying was already being distorted by other influences, then maybe it came out weird.

Maybe it wasn't something she actually said, maybe it was something she did…" Bonnie's hand flew up to touch her curls. I asked her who did hers, and we talked about it, and she said, 'Hair is very important.

She said, 'Blood is important too. She opened her eyes. Are those the ingredients, or do we have to start worrying about mud and sandwiches and mice and tea? I'm sure I can find a ritual to do with them in one of my Celtic magic books. We just have to figure out the person we're supposed to summon…" Something struck her, and her voice trailed off in dismay.

It wasn't fair to tease him about this. Bonnie couldn't tell what he was feeling. He and Stefan had been best friends once, even after Elena had chosen Stefan over Matt. The Awakening and the Struggle. The Vampire Diaries: The Return: The Hunters: The Awakening.

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The Fury means Elena's life as a Compra verificada. I started reading the second bind-up of Vampire Diaries as soon as I finished the first one. I couldn't stop reading. Especially when The Struggle ends with Elena's death - theoretically. Because she actually transforms into a vampire. She was almost drown, and she kinda died, but she had enough of Stefan's blood in her veins to help her stay She thinks Damon is her boyfriend.

I still dunno why. Well, yeah, she finally remembered after about 4 chapters, but still Anyway, it was a great story. The Fury means Elena's life as a vampire, trying to kill Katherine but, in the end, doing the most unselfish thing anyone could do, as Bonnie describes it at the end of book Awww, how cute isn't it?

The Return series. When I finished this bind-up after another week , I couldn't wait for The Return series - And now, as an introductory part, The Return series is awesome! And, now really, what are you waiting for?

Again, congratulations to L. Smith for her vampire story - the original one! This is a review for The Fury. I haven't read Dark Reunion yet, but I'll come back to update this review once I do.

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Once again, L. Smith delivers! This book isn't like books 1 and 2. It's obvious this book is written to set up for future books. This typically bothers me, but it works well for this series!

We finally find out who the Other Power is, as well as see the Other Power go down in flames literally! I absolutely love Bonnie she's my favorite.

Damon's had a place in my heart since he first showed up this is mostly because Ian Somerhalder plays him in the TV show. I really don't like Stefan. He's a vampire. Get over it.The woman's drunk. The first three novels in the original series The Awakening, The Struggle, and The Fury all feature Stefan and Elena as the narrators of the series, while the last book in the original series, Dark Reunion, is from Bonnie McCullough's viewpoint.

It pointed at the stylized picture of the moon, then at the sun, then at the words Parker Brothers, Inc. She told Stefan about her suspicion of Tyler, but as Meredith pointed out, Tyler didn't fit the rest of the description.

Unfortunately, not everything fits the visual transposition on screen so inevitably something is lost.