Read Star Trek: Countdown comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Read Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next. Star Trek: Countdown. JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman present the origin of Nero, the mysterious Romulan who will ultimately threaten the survival.

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Star Trek: Countdown # Complete. Collections / IDW publisher; Pages: 4 issues; year; English comics; Size: mb. Tags: Star Trek comics. Star Trek: Countdown is a four-issue comic book prequel to the film Star Trek by IDW Publishing. It follows the characters of Spock and the Romulan Nero . Star Trek: Countdown is a four-issue comics miniseries, published by IDW Publishing and released in Written by Mike Johnson and Tim Jones, based on a.

The Romulan Senate opposes Spock, but he finds a comrade in Nero, the leader of the miners. Nero witnessed the Hobus supernova consume a planet first-hand and offers to secretly transport decalithium, noting it would be better than doing nothing and then leaving his wife and unborn son to die. Nero's ship, the Narada, is attacked by the Remans , but the Enterprise rescues them and escorts them to Vulcan with decalithium taken from the Reman ships.

The Vulcan Council opposes Romulan use of red matter, infuriating Nero; he vows if Romulus is destroyed, he shall hold them accountable. Nero returns to Romulus to discover Hobus has gone supernova and destroyed his home world.

Driven mad by his loss, he attacks Federation Olympic class hospital ships that have arrived to give aid, believing they have come to claim his people's territory. He beams surviving Romulan senators onto his ship and kills them for not listening to Spock, and then claims the Praetor's ancient trident, the Debrune Teral'n, which is the greatest symbol of Romulus.

He and his crew then shave their heads and apply tattoos to signify their loss. Nero goes to the Vault, a secretive Romulan base, and has the Narada outfitted with Borg technology to begin a rampage against his perceived enemies.


With the supernova expanding, Spock decides to deploy the red matter weapon. He takes the Jellyfish, a ship developed by La Forge that can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Star Trek: Countdown #1-4 Complete

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Moonjumper Top Contributor: Star Trek. Paperback Verified download. Unlike "Countdown to Darkness," which has little to do with "Star Trek Into Darkness," this prequel is actually a true prequel.

Star Trek: Countdown #1-4 Complete

It explains some backstory which made little to no sense in the movie--particularly the origins of Nero and his very un-Romulan, supposedly Romulan vessel. But one can't help but feel that the entire purpose of this comic is to apologize and cover for the filmmakers for creating a rebooted universe that doesn't make any sense--and that in order for the movie to make sense beyond all the 'splosions, you have to read the comic book which I've finally read seven years later.

The comic book authors' attempt to explain what should have been explained in the movie somehow feels It almost feels that this story set in the "future" TNG Prime Universe era, decades after the series, is in itself existing in some kind of parallel universe from the one we know.

It's almost like a TNG post-apocalyptic setting in which everything and everyone we know seems just a little bit darker than feels natural and I have no problem with darker Trek; I love DS9 for example --but, still, something feels off and out of character. Here is a world where spoiler alert Worf leads a boarding party of Klingons and tells them to kill everyone aboard.

Okay, yes, he's Klingon, and yes, when going into a military situation, it's pretty well understood that you have to eliminate any threats. But he's also Worf. To see him actually use the words "kill anything you find! For a second, I thought they had accidentally given him Nero's dialog. It's almost as if this Worf beamed in from the evil Mirror Universe. And that's what it feels like--like this is a slightly parallel universe to the "main" Prime Universe we know--and that characters from this slightly altered "prime" universe are actually the ones who will then be blasted back in time to create an even more altered reboot universe.

site Edition Verified download. I forget the name of their zoom-to-panels technology for comics, but it works wonders with this, not only for reading, but it is "smart" and knows to pull back for an artsy shot after youve read the text. The flaw I mentioned in it being on 1 of I am not sure if they fixed it, or if I was wrong.

It is confusing - if you click on the paperback version of this, its title indicates it is all 4 volumes in one.

Again i am not sure if they fixed this, or i was just dumb before, but it is all 4 volumes and complete, and it is gorgeous and easily readable on site now after a patch to my tablet.

Though it was intended as a bridge story to the new universe, it's all TNG characters involved. It's great to catch up with them after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, which I actually find to be a pretty underrated movie. The artwork is great, the story is fast-paced and the characters are really well written. What more could you want? I also like that the writers didn't shy away from what Nemesis did.

Though I like that movie, I recognize that it is not one of the more popular films, but this book addresses a lot of things from that movie including the existence of B4 instead of Data.

Star Trek: Countdown

I also recommend to read Star Trek:The Narada goes about destroying Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian ships alike, wounding Worf and damaging the Enterprise in the process. Share your thoughts with other customers. What more could you want?

site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Driven mad by his loss, he attacks Federation Olympic class hospital ships that have arrived to give aid, believing they have come to claim his people's territory. Read more Read less. For a second, I thought they had accidentally given him Nero's dialog.