Ruins. by Dan Wells. On Sale: 03/11/ Format: Hardcover the gripping final installment in the Partials Sequence, a series that combines the thrilling action. by Dan Wells Author Dan Wells is back with the sequel to the sci-fi blockbuster Partials, which Pittacus Lore called a "thrilling Ruins (Partials Sequence, #3). Get Free Read & Download Files Ruins Partials Sequence 3 Dan Wells PDF. RUINS PARTIALS SEQUENCE 3 DAN WELLS. Download: Ruins Partials.

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DAN WELLS writes a little bit of everything, but he is best known for the Partials Ruins. Partials (Series). Book 3. Dan Wells Author Julia Whelan Narrator. Fragments (Partials Sequence, #2) by Dan Wells () Pdf Partials organic beings iden Ruins Partials Sequence 3 By Dan Wells Partials. Ruins book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kira, Samm, and Marcus fight to prevent a final war between Partials and h.

This is a really good ending to a great series! So the plot moves a bit slow in the beginning but thats because the reader is getting caught up on what is happening after the second book. After that, its takes off into lots of action and drama. Every little detail is explain nicely and carried into the new chapter well.

We do get point of views from Kira as well as Sam and a few other characters. Each point of view is we This is a really good ending to a great series! Each point of view is well done with plenty of detail. It flowed smoothly and as I read, it painted a pretty good picture in my mind. Indeed she did. I think the way the whole story came together gave it so much umph and adventure. There are certain plot twists that totally surprised me and had me shocked.

Still, I adored it. Constructed smart and luring, Ruins is an exciting conclusion. The attention to detail with what happens with the DNA and scientific experiments had me completely intrigued. If your in for a epic adventure, then read Ruins. View 2 comments. Dec 20, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: Best of the series. Loved how it ended. The idea of gene mods is fascinating as is the idea of sensing moods and intentions through pheromones.

Wow the father figure was creepy! Still shuddering just thinking of him. There was a good amount of action throughout to keep me wanting to read on apart from a couple of places when they were travelling. When they are travelling there just seems to be pages of just uninterrupted description sometimes and it just makes me lose interest a bit.

One thing I really appreciated was not knowing what was going to happen. There are many times when reading that I can guess what is coming, but so many things happened that surprised me.

Mirador Series

In particular, Marcus. He is the only one who literally made me laugh out loud. He's honestly one of my favourite YA males and favourite side characters. I just wish there had been more from him. The ending was good but a nice little epilogue wouldn't have gone amiss. Overall not a bad series, don't know if it'll make the reread pile anytime soon though. Mar 28, Rachel the Book Harlot rated it it was amazing Shelves: Minor Spoilers Ahead Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. The man also scares me since he is not kind to his characters.

This fear was further cemented after reading the dedication page: Life's like that sometimes. Mind games, man. Mind games. I was ready to curl up into a fetal position after that.

But no, it was a great ending to a great series. At least it was for me because Warning: At least it was for me because I got what I wanted. I was satisfied with how everything was resolved and one thing in particular made me VERY happy. I did think the ending felt a tad rushed. There were some things I thought could have been drawn out a bit more. It was unpredictable. Things were bleak for much of the story, and I couldn't fathom how it could all possibly be resolved.

There was one thing I thought was telegraphed very early on, but I was still surprised with the "how" of it. Much of this series tackles the fallibility of humanity, human nature, our place in this universe, and how our decisions impact the world around us.

But it also speaks to courage--the courage to forgive, to understand, to learn from our mistakes, to start over, and to realize that no matter our differences we are all connected. I love that this all came to a crescendo here, with Mr. Wells making and following through with some tough decisions. What I had trouble with: I think this was more a result of my own impatience since there were two characters that I was specifically interested in.

So, while I understood the need for each of the POV's included, I found myself anxious to return to those 2 in particular. And I found their sections the most interesting. It made her seem a bit fickle, and I found myself really annoyed with her at some points in the story. This resulted in slowing the pace down in some places. Despite those small obstacles, it was a wonderful and satisfying end to a beloved series.

Final Rating: View all 9 comments. I'll start by saying I'm a fan of Dan Wells, I really enjoy his style and the sense of humour and fierce determination he brings out in some of his characters. Unfortunately that wasn't enough for me to rate this higher than 3 stars. While I loved the first two entries in this series, both receiving 5 star ratings from me, I couldn't help being rather underwhelmed by its conclusion.

In Fragments I enjoyed the introduction of additional POVs, here I felt the numerous POVs chopped the story up into I'll start by saying I'm a fan of Dan Wells, I really enjoy his style and the sense of humour and fierce determination he brings out in some of his characters. This lead to a slight detachment from some of the characters and also meant a lack of time was spent on characters I thought deserved more from the sequence's finale.

The climax and resolution felt a little rushed to me, parts of it were too convenient and even came across a little disingenuous. That being said, there were parts of this I did like. Wells' put in some interesting twists, some I expected and others that threw me. Akin to the first two books, his descriptions of a post apocalyptic world are masterful and extremely visually arresting. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood for this book, I'm unsure, all I know is I didn't get all the epic I was expecting.

Maybe the brilliance I saw in the first two books just set my expectations too high. Regardless, I'm still sad to say goodbye to the world of Kira, Samm and the Partials. Overall the series was a pretty wild ride. May 01, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: This has to be in my top 5 all time favorite dystopian series ever.

The battle of the partials and the humans comes to a head, people die, struggles and challenges happen. Kira is our true heroine and will it be Samm or Marcus who wins her heart? Or maybe both? Will she find her father? Will she find her purpose? Does she truly have one? Can we all just get along?

The answers are coming and I won't give them away here. The world building was just amazing and it felt so very real to me. Isn't Wow! Isn't that what a book should do? That's why we read them, and what I am always searching for when I read my next book, and the next. This one stays in my head still. This author has a way with words, with submersing you into the world he has built and the characters themselves.

I highly recommend it to people who like YA dystopian fiction. Really anyone who likes any kind of dystopian sci-fi. It is up there with the best. I want more from this author. If anything happens to Samm I'm going to throw this across the room! View all 4 comments. Dec 15, Therin Knite rated it liked it Shelves: Morgan, who runs a series of painful tests on her in the hopes of finding the cure for Partial expiration. When that amounts to nothing, Kira decides run off on her own and go looking for the other Partial factions in the hopes of bringing them together to test her ingenious theory for the cure: Took a teenager to do it.

Anyway, at the same time Kira is gallivanting around in Partial territory, the humans of New York are under siege. Marcus and co. The other humans are being quietly evacuated in case Delarosa succeeds.

At the same time, the Partial army is still hanging around, shooting and capturing people. He succeeded. It starts to snow in New York for the first time in forever, and everybody gets really nervous about how quickly the temperature drops.

Soon, New York is an icy, snowy wasteland.

Kira and her new Partial friends meet up with Marcus and co. Kira gathers the human stragglers, and the group try to beat the Partial army to where the rest of the human species has gone. Samm allows himself to be captured so he can tell the army General, Shon, about the dual RM-expiration cure, and Shon agrees to a meeting with Kira to discuss the situation. Kira is somewhat miffed about this, as is everyone else.

When Armin freezes all the Partials in place using his link control powers, Heron is the only one who can stop him. She fights him to the death, and both of them fall. Kira and Shon then agree to a truce, and the rest of the Partial army does, too, when they see that Green survived his expiration thanks to exposure to the human refugees.

Kira and the refugees and the Partial army all head happily hand in hand toward where the rest of the human race is hiding. And guess what? The first book in this trilogy was great! The second book was pretty good. And this one was plain awful. First off, there were way too many POVs in this story. WAY too many. There were so many POVs that by the time I got back around to one person after going through them all, I had forgotten what that person was doing.

The POV issue also created a terrible timeline problem. Sometimes, you just had to figure it out yourself. And I was plain lost on occasion. Add these problems in to the actual plot of the story, and… I had so many problems with the plot of this story. Secondly, random last-minute antagonist alert! What a freaking cop out! Third, underdeveloped plot threads that dropped out of the sky. There were at least important two I can think of off the top of my head.

One of them was a deus ex machina, that, of course, was involved in the battle against the last-minute antagonist. Fourth, the plot of this book was just plain dense, and it felt like half the material in this book should have been in Fragments, to replace all that drawn-out journey stuff I complained about.

Fifth, the heap of helpful contrived coincidences. I mean, really? Everybody shows up at the exact right moment? Back to back to back to keep the ball rolling? And it happened so many times in the final pages that I wanted to chuck the book out the window. Sixth, and finally, the ending sucked. It just…plain sucked. The battle ends and it just…stops. Not a single one. Most of the time.

But angry? Almost never. The setup of this series promised the answers to huge questions, and never answered them. I have no other comments on the writing quality. But I would not recommend the series as a whole based on the quality of this book.

Aug 13, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: This is the third book in a Young Adult dystopian trilogy called Partials Sequence. I loved the whole premise of this trilogy because it was new and different and it also posed some great philosophical questions. I always love when a book promotes food for thought. The characters seemed to be on a frantic search to save themselves, both the humans and the super soldiers in the second book, and that was still the main theme for the third one.

They would think they had it figured out, but then no. They would think they had it figured out, but then no It was too much of the same thing, so I deducted a star. But I really enjoyed the premise.

It was original and I was sucked in by the characters. I liked how my favorite character kept changing. The ending was also appreciated. It solved the almighty question they were working on, but I liked that some mystery remained.

I loved how the author worked in Kira's dad. There were actually more than a few unexpected and great twists. The second book in this series was my favorite though. Nov 22, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: I love that book! The third and final book in Partials Sequence trilogy, oh boy oh boy I was so excited!

I literary marathoned this series! The world gets even more interesting in this book. Besides the Island where humans live we finally get a look at the partials' everyday life and their cities. It was crazy really, very military but I loved it! And also we have war in progress with partials invading human territory and all rebels and all and just yeah wow. It is a MORE?

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It is a pretty awesome world! Well in this book the amount of characters really improved but I will stick to the most main ones. Let's starts with Kira, I have to admit, her being all whinny was a little bit annoying and her monologues got kinda long but I still love her, she is a natural leader and a perfect female lead! Next to her there is Marcus who really grew on me since book one, he is funny and smart and very creative, he definitely made to top 3 for me from the very bottom.

Marcus is a great example that Dan Wells does not just write plot based books but has also some really good character growth in them! Now, Samm I am not sure, his parts in the beginning were a little bit boring but I guess all in all it is okay, I love how much he is devoted to Kira and well So jup, go Samm!

Next, Heron. So you know how I liked her in Isolation and in Fragments she was pretty cool, well in this book she was really annoying! She just did not make any sense to me, I mean seriously. I am not saying Dan Wells wrote her wrong, I think he did a brilliant job! It is that she is a mirror of some people I know and they really make no sense to me just as her.

Alright so as I mentioned there are many characters in this book so no surprise I found rather few I hate. But my mostly hated is Areal, omg she should have just died. Yeah her adopted mother tested them as children by asking them to play some activity games and noting their behavior. Yeah boohoo big deal. But no Areal hates her for that, for ruining her childhood and wants to kill the mother because you know she is EVIL. Oh please, people like Areal always tend to scream loudest even they are the most stupid.

It is just like "your food is contaminated with DNA". I hate people like this so much. And on top of having Areal we also get to read about Isolde I mean what is wrong with people, if really such people survives apocalypse then thank you but no I am not interested in saving the human race.

I mean seriously, she is 17 and her biggest wish is to have a baby and how she feels the maternity instincts and all blah blah. Yeah right, I am so "believing" you, Isolde. Lack of intellect more like it.

You do not get a child when you ARE a child. So annoying! Kira and Samm forever: D PLUS: Dan Wells did a great job picturing humans. Say what you want but humans are a lost cause. Like seriously, they get off to blow up a nuclear bomb on partials and sure it will reach humans, radiations will kill the rest of them but as there is a saying or something "I can die as long as they are dead too". Just a perfect illustration of humans limitations.

And also Areal and Isolde and their babies. Of that senator who wants to take a baby who is a bio weapon and kill off all partials, the baby can die for all she cares. I understand so so much why the Trust people chose Partials and not humans. This book showed so well that humans are just not worth saving.

What really annoyed me was Kira trying to prove how humans are equal to partials. I mean Partials have it all just like humans and plus all your senses way improved. Of course they are a superior race just like humans are superior to the monkeys.

In nature, only superior races survive so it was natural that humans were gonna die out. I did not like what Kira was trying to prove, it was plainly against biology and she is supposed to be a scientist.

So I think it is safe to say that no, I did not like the ending of this book. I also really did not like the whole nuclear bomb ending, I was so shocked. I mean seriously!

And Armin Why all geniuses are always portrayed evil? I will never understand it. I have to admit, I am so team Partials! I love the series but I hate the ending, I think it was too unrealistic. Estoy un poco indecisa. En fin, tengo que pensar.

Dec 02, Kathy rated it really liked it Shelves: It took me nearly 2 months to get through the first too books. Got through this one in less than 24 hours.

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Jan 28, Kinga rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh thanks God! Love you Dan Wells for giving us a happy ending. While I loved the ending, there was so much more I would have wanted. I might start off from the dedication. That was the truest thing I read in a long time.

Plot It kind of moved slowly in the beginning. For the finale of a trilogy I usually prepare myself f Oh thanks God! For the finale of a trilogy I usually prepare myself for a heart wrenching book full of battles and revelations. As the other two books it had a lot of go here and go there. I mean, half the book or even more of it is journey. There are countless of groups moving toward safety and they end up meeting through their escape.

We have Samm's story, Kira, Marcus, Ariel something I did not expect and did not like , and many more minor characters.

After a few chapters I started hating the constant change of the POV. But it also gave way to a better understanding of the story. Kira She's strong. I give you that. She's been kidnapped a few times, experimented on and she still holds herself together. I love her. Her character development was amazing. We see her growing up, from a scared teenager to a true leader. She puts her emotions away for later - I think that's because of the male author but anyway.

She does her job. Eventually she realizes that she can't possibly save everyone but never gives up.

Joseph Smith Lecture 8: The Last Months and Martyrdom

She develops a few friendships, like Green whom I loved from the beginning but we hardly see any evolution on her 'love' side and that bugged me. It's amazing how the romance did not overcome the plot but it felt very left out. Bromance on the horizon. Marcus and Samm? Hm, it does give me a few ideas. Samm He is my true hero.

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He goes from a robotic, man-made weapon and killing machine to a feeling human who's capable of love. I think he suffers the most beside Kira. They take the trophy for hardship. He is the first Partial to understand what is needed to be done to save the world.

I loved seeing him struggle in the second book, trying to solve his confusing emotions that turned out to be love. He takes is upon himself the burden of saving humanity.

Because he trusts Kira, and he believes in her. And he says he's just a 'guy'. He understands that coexistence is necessary for their survival. And yes I love his definition of love: You make promises you don't want to keep, but you keep them because they are right, you help people who can't help you back.

Not people, humanity. There's a big difference. Marcus Well, this one made the book more enjoyable. His humor is somewhat contagious. There's a lot more useless heroics where that came from. Marcus as well, as our two other mains changed a lot. He became a man. He survived a rouge year. He does save a lot of them. He gives a note of lightness to all the hellish apocalypse that's lurking around them. He is capable of grand speeches when he less expects it.

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Magic The Gathering, magic cards, singles, decks, card lists, deck ideas, wizard of the coast, all of the cards you need at great prices are available at Cardkingdom. Well, in Lannegar mine there is a passage on the East side which is too heavy to be lifted. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website.Also I liked the background story we get from the Trust but the way Armin dies was kind of predictable, a bit fast and sloppy That was that.

You understand why the Partials and Humans hate each other, you get why they harbour so much rage and loathing… why they have the war. I love that this all came to a crescendo here, with Mr.

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